2013 Ford Focus on QuiBids for Cyber Monday

fordWow, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a penny auction offer a brand new car… Starting next Monday, December 2nd, for Cyber Monday – penny auction site QuiBids.com will be offering a brand new 2013 Ford Focus S Sedan. What’s the catch? Well, each bidder can only place 5 bids to try and win. After you’ve placed 5 bids you are no longer eligible to participate.

In 2010 QuiBids offered a brand new Honda Civic – but did not limit users’ bids placed on the car and allowed for buy it now on the vehicle. See: http://www.pennyauctionwatch.com/2010/07/quibids-to-auction-honda-civic-with-bid-to-buy/

quibids car

Can’t wait to see who wins this new car and how long the auction will go on for!

QuiBids will give everyone 5 free bids to use in the auction – but you must first purchase a bid pack. The winner does not have to pay the final auction price, so whoever wins it wins it with bids placed.

Of course, as works in all penny auctions, to win you must be the last bidder to place a bid right before the timer hits zero (meaning no one will have bid after you have).

Who is eligible to participate in the Ford Focus auction?

The Ford Focus auction will be available to US customers only who have purchased the initial bid package.

When will this auction take place?

The auction timer is scheduled to end on December 2, 2013, also known as Cyber Monday.

How is the car being shipped?

QuiBids  will coordinate with a local dealership close the winner’s location.

Can I use more than five bids in the car auction?

No, according to QuiBids they want every bidder to have an equal chance at winning the “free car.” So once you place your 5th free bid you are done participating in the auction.

So technically it’s not 100% free – all bidders have to purchase a bid pack that will give them 5 free bids to use in the car auction.

Good luck!

What do you think of QuiBids’ Cyber Monday Ford Focus Penny Auction? Wish you could use more than 5 bids? Discuss this auction with us!

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