BiddersParadise – Would You Bid On a Hong Kong Owned Penny Auction?

A few days ago we posted info on the penny auction site known as BiddersParadise and found on BP8.HK. In case you have tried this penny auction site we are looking to hear your feedback. Have you bid there or won items? Have you received those won items? How long would it actually take to receive your wins?
What I find myself really curious about users of
Better Living/Bidders Paradise aka Bp8.Hk,  though, is would you bid on a penny auction site where you have to shell out over $1,100 in bids for your very first bid pack on the site? And would you bid on a site based in Hong Kong? What happens if something goes wrong? Is there really any say over the site by the US government or Attorney General offices? These questions are all just something to think about.
Not just bid, but would you do business for this company acting as a multi-level marketing/pyramid scheme style business especially seeing as they are based in Hong Kong?
The Bp8.Hk domain is registered and hosting in Hong Kong by Luke Teng.
Domain Name:  BP8.HK
Domain Status: Active Contract Version:   HKDNR latest version
Registrar Name: Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited Registrar Contact Information: Email:                        Hotline: +852
2319 1313Reseller:Registrant Contact Information:Holder English Name (It should be the same as your legal name on your HKID card or other
relevant documents): LUKE TENG
Holder Chinese Name:
Domain Name Commencement Date: 22-07-2012
Country: HK
Expiry Date:  22-07-2018
Re-registration Status:  Complete
Account Name: HK3367741T Technical Contact Information:

Given Name: LUKE
Family name: TENG
Company Name: LUKE TENG

Here’s a Facebook page that displays the “Better Living Global Marketing” banner, the URL is PowerCoatingImpressions and is in the “Watch/jewelry” category on Facebook.


betterbidding cash

A pile of money… From just one bid pack purchase?  

Note the Solemn Warning still displayed on the homepage:

“Solemn Waring(嚴正警告)

Despite our polite reminders given to Members not to use “non-natural means” to place bids, situation has not improved but, on the contrary, deteriorating.

BLGM members are noble and live honorable lives. They understand that the profit-sharing pay-outs alone, not to mention the lucrative marketing bonuses, are a good source of income. Trying, still, to get advantages from the auctions demeans themselves.

This is to announce, with immediate effect, any behavior to our suspicion at the auctions will bring about serious consequences. Without prior warning, the suspects’ accounts will immediately be locked. Should our actions be further neglected, say, suspects still using other accounts of theirs to continue such low-life behavior, ALL their accounts, including their memberships, will just be terminated with NO appeal.”

Today’s items ending now include: Canon EOS 70D, Miu Miu handbag, Samsung Galaxy Note3, $1300 value watch.

And again, more winners photos are posted on the website. Note the winners are all at their offices to claim their wins.  So why is BiddersParadise/BetterLiving/BP6.HK pushing their business model here in the US if the winners are in the UK and won items must be picked up over in Hong Kong?




















More on this penny auction site as we get more info. Let us know what you think. Would you bid on this Hong Kong based penny auction site?

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