BidCactus Shuts Down – Bids Transferred to Beezid

Bidcactus beezid shut downBidCactus, once one of the longest standing penny auction sites on the Internet has just shut down.

Is this a sign of the further downfall of the once buzzing penny auction industry? Rife with controversy, misunderstanding due to faulty marketing tactics and fraud by shady operators, this is just one of many sites to shut down, penny auctions seem to be a fast passing fad. Sad, since it was one of the top sites. Early last year Penny Auction Watch members reported dissatisfaction as a result of  a slow down of item fulfillment by the site. had been around since 2009 – with their domain and development beginning in 2008. The owner and CEO, Michael Staw from Westport, CT. Prior to BidCactus, Staw founded RealTime Gaming an online casino gaming company. In the penny auction sites first year they took in over 10 million bids, but it seemed to be all downhill from there. Citing Staw in an interview with from an interview in 2010, it’s  “a wasteland of failed penny auction startups.”

 “To anyone who thinks they can take $10,000 or $20,000 and cash in on the penny auction gold rush, I say, do your homework,” Staw says. “Find out how much it costs to get the critical mass of traffic.

I would say the unreliability of the industry, combined with its lack of transparency, challenge to continously make a profit,  and less-than-honest marketing techniques, all penny auctions have been given a bad name and there’s a lot of stigma associated with trying them now. Penny auction bidders have found ways to game the system and clean out penny auction startups and established sites.

Unfortunately, BidCactus just couldn’t make it.

Toronto-based penny auction Beezid joined up with BidCactus to honor all member’s unused BidCactus bids on Beezid.

“At Beezid, we’re more than happy to honor your BidCactus bids as Beezid bids!”

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  • Mugu Guymen March 18, 2014, 9:56 am

    That is why I always use ebay!

  • Danny Graham May 28, 2014, 1:15 am

    These F**KERS took over $5,000 from me & never delivered a single item or gift card I won!!! I’ll admit that I bid beyond my means, but it’s one thing to lose when I actually lose; and a whole different matter when I get screwed out of nearly $2,000 of gift cards & prizes that I paid for including S/H & the final price for “winning” these so-called “auctions”!!! What’s up with this lose when I lose & even when I win, I STILL F**KIN’ LOSE?!?!?!?! The CEO of this site & anyone listed as an owner of the site should be forced to ante up the goods, or be put in jail & the keys thrown the F**K AWAY!!!

  • Merita Brown April 16, 2015, 5:26 pm

    I also bidded on several auctions and won but never received the item as promised.
    I also believe the CEO of this site & anyone listed as an owner of the site should be forced to ante up the goods.


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