Another Charity Penny Auction

Flying High Auctions is another philanthropic penny auction that donates 50% of the final auction price to charities at

On their Twitter page they promote “cheap eBay auctions” from various different sellers:

twitter flying high

What looks strange is that they have a whole row of the same items up for auction. Yesterday there were 7 New Acer 8.9″ Black Mini Laptop all ending today and five $50 Walmart Gift Cards set to end today.


Bidding history is hidden and only the recent bidder’s username shows up (now this is not enough to say they are a scam, as a bunch of sites have this format)

flying 3

flying 2

Another odd thing is this bidder, getit777sk is bidding on a few of the Netbooks when they don’t even end for a couple of hours.

Now, this is not enough evidence to say Flying High Auctions is a scam, but we will be watching.

We delayed posting this yesterday but now look at what their site says today:


“Thank you for visiting Flying High Auctions. We will be back up soon. Sorry for the delay but we need to deal with users who don’t like to play fair! UPDATE: We are implementing a plan which protects our website from Fraudulent PayPal Claims.”

What do you think? Have you ever won on Flying High Auctions? Let us know!

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