CheapObids Auctions Off Another Car?

CheapObid’s second car auction in two months just ended. Read our posts about the Honda Civic Hybrid that ended last month here and here.

The winning bidder just got a brand new Toyota Prius V Hybrid for a total of 353 bids equaling $176.50. A total of  3,908 bids were placed. The majority of bids were placed with auto bidder.

penny auction car scam

We’d like to believe that cheapObids really did auction off two cars in a 45 day period, but unfortunately we find this very hard to believe. The weird thing about the car auctioned off this time around is that there were not hundreds of bidders with almost only 1 new bidder coming in with 1 second left; this time the bidders were using autobid and there were only a small handful of bidders bidding.

CheapObids’ website with evidence of previous auctions was recently wiped clean, but we saved the screen shots of the last car auction:

Jackson Electronics AKA CheapoBIDS are LIARSpenny-auction-con1

Periodically throughout the day autobidders would kick in and bid against one another to extend the end time of the auction. We watched the timer countdown to around 5 and then the two autobidders would kick in again.

It is in our opinion that Jackson Electronics DBA CheapObids  definitely NEEDS to be under investigation and shut down it looks like a total orchestrated scam they have going on over there and are stealing money from any real person that buys bids.

Here they are luring unsuspecting people  to theirsite over at


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