Know when to quit

Once you get bidding on a penny auction you don’t know for certain when you will win the item, or if you will even get it for a low price.  Over on GoBid there’s a Samsung Pink Netbook auction going  on since last night. It’s $399.98 right now on Amazon, one particular bidder has been bidding on it since yesterday it stopped last night and is back on now. So far there’s been a total of 1700 bids. I’m thinking he’s spent way more than $800 right now and it’s still going!  Just goes to show that  it’s not always that easy to win penny auctions, it’s all left up to chance you could win that netbook for $5 or have spent $1000.

Update: The constant bidder  finally won the Netbook, 1867 bids were placed total. One thing that is kind of deceptive on some penny auctions is that a lot of them don’t disclose how many bids the winning bidder actually spent instead it just says they got it for $18.67, 95% off retail, when in actuality I noticed the winner was bidding for many hours he spent more money ontop of the final bid price since on GoBid you do have to pay-per-bid along with an estimated $22.50 for shipping. I’ve seen many videos of winners saying they won the item for the final bid price but don’t also state what their total bids cost them.  Just something to keep in mind.

On GoBid, every bid costs $1. And users get discounts when buying in bulk $10 for 10 GoBids $20 for 21 GoBids, $50 for 55 GoBids- 10% Bonus.  And the best deal $100 for 115 GoBids- 15% Bonus!

If everyone who was bidding on the pink netbook got a 15% discount by purchasing bids in bulk.  GoBid still got $1586.95+ shipping+final price=around $1628.12 for a NetBook valued at $399.98 on Amazon. Congratulations GoBid  and the winner!

Have an penny auction experience you’d like to write about? Join the forums, your comments are greatly appreciated!

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