Famdabidosy Auctions-?

Update on Famdabidosy Auctions, it looks like their payment button is fixed and they did a site re-design. I personally received an item from Famdabidosy last week.


Originally posted on July 21st, 2009.
We recently received an E-mail from a reader (We love hearing from you!) who told us that they have won on Famdabidosy Auctions only to find that there was no payment button in their account where they accept and pay for their wins.

They notified Famdabidosy of this only to be accused of being a computer hacker.

“Congratulations! You are a very intelligent, skilled computer person. However, you are committing fraud. You did not win the Best Buy gift card yesterday. Nor did you win the Amazon gift card in last night’s auctions. We did not say anything about the Best Buy gift card because we assumed that it was a one time glitch. However, it happened again and again the problem is with your account. As I mentioned, if you cannot pay for an item properly it will not be honored. You will be charged the full amount for the Best Buy gift card and the remaining $75 will be returned to you. You will be refunded the funds that you sent last night. If you wish to make an issue of this I will bring in the appropriate law enforcement agency and have them examine your activity. best Wishes, Joe Miyamoto”

“Famdabidosy Auctions told me that it was a problem with my account.. on the other side… when i won an auction… and tried to accept the item and pay for the auction.. i was able to accept the item, but wasnt able to pay for the auction. i even took a screen shot and showed it to the owner, but he wouldnt believe it.. this is the link to the picture. there are 2 pics.. one before the crash and one afteer the site restored. before  the make payment is covered between 2 layers: screenshot of famdabidosyand he told me that it was a fake picture. he wouldnt agree that it was his site’s fault. i am not sure if any1 else been having this problem.. but i surely have.. and the first auction u win.. u are able to pay cuz u can see it on the bottom..but the make payment button of the second auction is covered by the description of the 1st one… this is the pic after the restore. screenshot of famdabidosy 2 same thing, never even took the time to fix it.. and if u know, could u tell me how i coulda caused a glitch without even me knowing it? cuz i surely dont know what  is going on here…. and i just wanted to warn other users from being called scammers and what not. Thanks,

-A Penny Auction Watch reader”

Have you won anything on Famdabidosy Auctions? Discuss here.

Disclaimer: Links to penny auction Web sites are included for the reader’s reference and do not constitute an endorsement or the legitimacy of the online auction websites, or any associated product or service therein. Thank you and, as always, remember to use your own discretion and do some research when bidding on penny auctions. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author via reader submissions and do not necessarily state or reflect the views of Penny Auction Watch.

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  • bloo123456 July 21, 2009, 2:18 pm

    lol joe’s goin down!!!!!! hehehe

  • Aliera July 24, 2009, 8:13 pm

    just curious… but did this guy try opening the site in Internet Explorer too? I agree it sounds suspiciously like fambabidosy just doesn’t want to give the guy his winnings, but it seems worth a try?

  • melissa baker August 24, 2009, 2:42 pm

    The one time I won an auction here, i was told that there was a "glitch" and that I never won the item, even though I did, and that they would have to relist the item? What a rip off.

    • auctionwatcher August 28, 2009, 6:34 am

      That's really unfortunate, On Famdabidosy: I've won 2 bid packs and two items, one just a few days ago, so far I've received one will post if I don't receive the other.


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