Hasteno a Waste?

Hasteno was just launched about a week ago.


UPDATE* Just received  an item from them valued at 12.99.

They have  been in operation since around the mid-last week of July.

Hasteno operates out of California and they have a unique pink, black & white theme site  (complete with pictures of pretty girls). It’s not just a lazy thrown up script clone site, but they do need to do something about the site timing out all of the time.  Until the end of October you don’t have to pay the final price of the item and shipping is frees. After I won the PC game I purchased more bids and bid on many other auctions, but gave up after awhile because the timers are 1 minute intervals and there were just so many bidders playing.

Everything on there looked pretty cool, they have unique items such as Hugo Boss sunglasses, Christian Dior fragrances, MS Office, iPod touches, skateboards, blow dryers, Wii accessories and boxing gear.

However, the one thing that worries us is that in all of the ended auctions there are tons of bidders and in each auction nearly all usernames are unique to that auction, except for mine  and an Urkel I saw him on two. Usually if you win one thing you will try and win again, right? I did but have not won anything else.   Hasteno does not  have any win limits.  Take a look at Hasteno’s closed auctions and watch current ones and you will see what I’m talking about.

Not too sure what to think of them whether or not they use autobidding bots on the higher ticketed items, but they do have many bidders and different bidders on each auction, however one item has been  received.

What do you think?

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