We told the owner of Liberty Bids, Cory Ritchey that we wanted a refund of our bids because it LOOKS like they are scamming, look what they have to say on their site now:

Some users purchase bids, win an auction then want a refund of their bids.

Libertybids, why don’t you re-write that to say users stay up until 3 am, the auction closes with them as the winner when your shill bidders are turned off and guess what THEY DON’T WIN!! This has happened on more than one auction too. Totally pathetic!

LibertyBids in our opinion, looks to be using shill bidders on their auctions, we had our suspicions but now we are pretty sure. Their site was probably bought on eBay for $7.85 too. They did ship us a $25 gift card (which I got with my free bids, but I bought more just in case I needed to use them), and not another $5 one maybe because I only put around $20 in my account. libertybids SCAM Here is one of the past auctions that they just put up again, take a look at the bidders, they are the same (this screenshot was taken today) names that were bidding on this over a month ago when we found it and won this item, as well as others. Because they have a fraudulent hidden reserve they can take down items and put them back up whenever they wish. Fishing money out of more unsuspecting people, as they find their site and win with their free bids.  They now have a ton of patriotic crosses up, so if you want one maybe they won’t have the autobidding bots on those.

See our past posts on LibertyBids. #1, #2, #3

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