Bargains Galore had on RockyBid

Congratulations to everyone who got great deals Tuesday night on RockyBid!

$0.04 (4 BIDS!!)
Market Price : $400.00
Save : $399.96
% Off : 99.99%
Bidder :
$0.22 (22 TOTAL BIDS!!)
Market Price : $149.99
Save : $149.77
% Off : 99.85%
Bidder :
Market Price : $135.00
Save : $134.97
% Off : 99.98%
Bidder :
Market Price : $899.95
Save : $897.58
% Off : 99.74%
Bidder :
Market Price : $329.99
Save : $329.82
% Off : 99.95%
Bidder :
17 total bids were spent on the Xbox, amazing!

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  • Aliera August 5, 2009, 5:01 am

    Rockybid seems to be losing a lot of money lately, their featured auctions have all been ending really low. And they're the only bidding site I know of that actually advertised on TV. (which is expensive!)

    IMO, their shipping cost is too high. The the shipping cost on that TV was $140! Add to that the winner probably spent about $50-100 on their bids. It's still a great deal on a TV if you were in the market for one, but most people aren't interested in bidding on an auction for the privilege of shelling out $140+bids.

    Similarly, that car may have gone for less than 200 bids, but the shipping was probably over $1000- like I said, still a great deal if you're in the market for a car, but most people aren't on these sites because they have $1000+ to spare.

    When the shipping is that high, it's more like a fixed price auction than a penny auction. And so far enough though fixed price auctions can be a good deal for the winner, they just don't draw in the bidders like penny auctions do.

    Add that to kinks in Rockybid's autobidders, and that at most times there's just one or two high rollers bidding on the hot stuff and everyone else quickly learning to avoid them, it's hard to see how rockybid can keep this up.

  • Aliera August 5, 2009, 10:14 am

    The problem with their autobidders is that they go off at 45+ seconds only- there’s no point in being the person bidding against the bidbuddy when everyone else can tell when it stops bidding, and know when to jump in against you. The vast majority of winnings on Rockybid are when there’s one guy bidding against the bidbuddy and the guy gives up, even more so than other sites.

    The best way really is for it to go off randomly in the last 10 seconds. Otherwise what’s the point of keeping the auction going, if you don’t get a chance to win?

    The best way is to win is still using a bid buddy- but if all the auctions end early, most people don’t get a chance (to be the only bidbuddy.)

  • pennyplayer August 7, 2009, 8:54 am

    Aliera, I also use RockyBid, I think the shipping is a little high but if I won a car for $1.24 I would come up with the $1000. I could turn around and sell it for a huge profit if i couldn't afford it. Also, I don't think you mean autobidder. I have not seen any on RockyBid and I have been on for about three months. I believe you mean BidBuddies, and on this I agree 100% we should write to rockybid and ask them to make it at 15 or 20 seconds, this would make the auction much better. You are correct, sometimes I don't get to use the bid buddy because the auction ends too soon but that just makes me happy because I know I could also be that person next time to win the $25 Visa Gift card for $0.09 even if I have to pay extra for shipping.

    This is still the best site I have come across and let me tell you I have tried them all. I have gotten some really great items on RockyBid and I feel they are honest. I had some shipping issues a few months back and they were so nice an fair with me that I keep coming back.

  • Jim Denzer August 7, 2009, 9:26 am

    Even if they charged you $250 for delivery and you spend $100 on bids its still what heck of a deal.

  • Jim Denzer August 7, 2009, 9:29 am

    Dido on the car. I pay $1000 for a car any any time, name the site give me some bids, than I will sell it for 15 times that amount. I am even willing to pay the tax.


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