Looks like Penny Sold May Have Shill Bidders

Penny Sold- It looks like they could be also using the autobidder feature in their backend to bid against real people.

Penny Sold currently has 14 auctions ending right now and at one point I saw each one of the auctions turn yellow (everyone was bidding in tandem (meaning someone had placed a bid-glitch in your $8 script?)

Some of Penny Sold’s hundreds of users:  ShellyBelle2004, dantheman, wired4gold, leventsc4521, Firestomper, chickenhawk, bookwormgirl, sr71fan, (Really now?, ddoss, RArevalo, downhillRacer,

Banzai Double Cannon Blast Waterslide

dropped down to 1 second, froze and a new bidder came in, dropped to 2 seconds another new bidder came in. Never multiple bidders. The current time is 1:07 PM CST the last bidder time shows Today, 13:13:45 dball2009 Bid Buddy. They have over 10 people on bid buddy right now.

Today, 13:12:45 dball2009

How stupid do you think we are? PennySold launched 11 days ago and you have MORE items & people bidding than Zoozle and Rockybid gets on their auctions?!  From our experience this does not seem likely.

From PennySold.com:

What makes PennySold so unique?

We are an internet company with a unique, worldwide business model. All of our auctions are buzzing from the first to the last second. Every user can get top of the range, brand name products for extraordinarily low prices.
Behind the scenes at PennySold

PennySold.com is operated in Corpus Christi, Texas. We are a young company, but have passed the start-up phase and are now generating solid profits and growing strongly. We take pride in being motivated and able to make decisions quickly with our streamlined organization and strong work ethic.
We all have the passion and ambition to carry the PennySold idea to the rest of the world, on the way establishing the company as a major international e-commerce player. We work hard towards achieving these goals – and like to enjoy ourselves at the same time. Our team currently consists of around 25 employees; our head office is in Corpus Christi, Texas and we also working on developing offices in Austin, Texas.



We just launched our new website on Saturday, July 25th, 2009.  To insure that we met our launch date we chose to put the site online prior to having every portion of it working properly.

This section will be updated and available to the general public within the next few days.

Thank you for your patience,

The PennySold Team

Really now? We don’t buy it.

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