Have you tried DFWBID.com?

Elana Centor, of the blog FunnyBusiness, recently posted a great article on BlogHer.com chronicling her bidding experience and strategies she uses on DFWBID. Elana also mentions that bidders need to take caution when trying out online auctions, we want to thank her for mentioning Penny Auction Watch. Thanks Elana!

“The decision to launch my penny auction strategy requires constant clicking back and forth between the live auction and the penny auction page — every six seconds. It’s a mind-numbing process but like the true believers on LOST who had the responsibility of resetting the Dharma Initiative countdown clock every 108 minutes, I convince myself that if I abandon my six second strategy, I will face catastrophic consequences and lose the auction.”

Read her article: Penny Auctions: Entertainment Shopping or Organized Scams?

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