GoBid Now Letting Users Trade Items for Bids

A reader just informed us (thanks Suzy) that GoBid is now letting users trade the items they have not yet received in for bids. Here’s the e-mail from GoBid:

Dear GoBidder,

As a recent winner we want to offer you a chance to test a new feature. We are considering giving winners a choice between receiving the item they won or receiving the full retail value in Bids. That means if you won a product that retails for $199 you could pay the shipping and handling and receive that item as you normally would or pay nothing and get 199 Bids deposited in your account. The choice would be yours to make every time you win letting you focus on winning what you really want.

Although this feature is not yet publicly available we are offering you the chance to get the full retail value in Bids for any auctions you won but have not yet received. If you would like to participate in the trial please reply to this email with a list of items you have won but would prefer to receive bids for. We will add the bids to your account and refund any shipping and handling fees you may have already paid. Act fast, this trial only lasts for two weeks.

If you want to receive the item, as you normally would, there is no need to take any action. We will continue the shipping process and get your items out as quickly as possible. But, once the item ships there is no going back.

Your opinion is important to us so please feel free to send back comments on this potential feature. GoBid is your site and your satisfaction is our number one priority.


The GoBid Team

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