TidBidz Gone-Fails to Fulfill Items

We tested (as we do for many new penny auction sites) the penny auction TidBidz.com. A reader told us he had received items from them and thought them to be legit (he sends his apologies).

TidBidz.com listed many items and had starting prices above $30, we “won” a Flip Camera, a Sony Digital Camera, an iPod Touch 16GB, all within a few days from eachother and a bluetooth headset a few weeks prior which TidBidz.com told us would be shipped out soon.

Now TidBidz is gone, we have been informed that they have stopped paying for their web hosting. We also had unused bids in our account on their website. The owner has not responded to our E-mails and we have escalated a claim to PayPal and are waiting to hear back from them.

If you have tried TidBidz and have a similar experience please let us know. What bothers us the most is that  there are penny auction sites out there that do this, maybe in the beginning they fulfill items and then later on they stop doing this after people think they are legit. This is no excuse and TidBidz’ owner Sean Hamilton needs to be held accountable.

Please contact us, post in the forum, or comment on this post if you have had a similar experience with TidBidz.

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  • Stowers November 10, 2009, 2:53 am

    I have had the same experience with Tidbidz, the owner however did contact me then his whole operation went down (cell phone, email, and site) I filed a claim with pay pal but I haven’t heard anything yet. I did however receive another email from the owner and he stated he didn’t notice the email was down, I emailed him back right away but have not heard back from him.
    If I here anything else I will update the blog

    • auctionwatcher November 10, 2009, 4:46 am

      The owner will not respond to my e-mails, I e-mailed him to his gmail account. Let us know what happens for you. Thanks!


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