Vamooza Review & Interview


The penny auction site recently changed ownership, a member of our forum recently posted a review of his experiences with Vamooza.

Read his review on Vamooza, their interview is below:

“Any intelligent person that discovers a new penny auction has the sense to look into it, or else they run the risk of getting cheated out of some rediculous amount of money with noone to go cry to. When I discovered Vamooza the first thing I did was go to my good old buddy Google and try to dig up some info. At the time there was pretty much nothing, just some web stat pages telling you how much a website is worth based off their blah blah no-one really cares. So I decided I would test it out and report what I found here and on Penny Auction Watch.

Vamooza is still a pretty new site they usually run 1-2 auctions a day right now for all sorts of stuff usually gift cards or electronics. They offer 5 free bids when you sign up, so I suggest you make use of them if you are lucky you might be able to win your first prize or two with them before you start buying bids. (something Vamooza probably wouldn’t like me suggesting, but in the long run I think the more traffic they can get the happier they will be so who knows).

Alrighty now to get to the useful stuff there is a ton I could say about Vamooza so ill try to get it all down.

Customer Service

So far their customer service has been good, Ive sent them a few emails and they have gotten back to me within a day or two. That said i haven’t had any real problems with them which is where the true test of customer service lies. if something comes up you can be sure to see it here.

Ease of use
As far as websites and penny auctions go this is pretty simple to use.Bid Purchasing: You have access to your purchased bids right away, its done through paypal which in itself made me feel a little more comfortable using them. The only thing you need to remember when you’re purchaseing bids is that you have to hit authorization button twice to buy more bids and then it will direct you to the paypal payment page.

Bidding:  Ok this is idiot proof, there is a big shiny bid button under every auction timer on the site as well as one right on the auction items page. When you click it you WILL use one of your bids on that item and increase the price of the item. The bids are real time and update with every person that bids whether you are on the main site page or on the items page is irrelevant, you will always see the highest bidder and the current bid price. As a note every bid will add 15 seconds to the auction.

Bid Pal: This is your auto bid tool like many penny auctions have. its simple to use and pretty straight forward. you can set how many bids you want it to use, how high of a price you are willing to pay, and what price your bid pal should start at. Which means you can have it start bidding at 1 cent or maybe have it delay until 50 cents or whatever. Usefull tool if you are determined to win an item through brute force, Its how i won my blueray player so i would stongly advise using this gizmo as its a good way to fighten people off that arent serious about the item that you want to win.
From watching it I have noticed bidpal usually fires off when there are ~45 seconds left on the auction.Paying for your wins: Also simple you just go back to the My Vamooza Tab and click the won auctions link and you can choose to pay through there. All in all the site is really easy to use I haven’t had any real problems other than the fact that the site is in a purple color scheme and i wish i could make it green or grey or something (just personal preference.)”

A big thank you to gamegeared for his review of Vamooza. If you would like to register for Vamooza please feel free to use his referral link: He has also published a Squidoo lens on Vamooza and as time goes by he hopes to chronicle the items receives  from them. We recently interviewed the Vamooza team, read their answers to learn more about their penny auction site.

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in the entertainment shopping industry?

Vamooza: The excitement of the competition.  I believe we can create a better platform for entertainment shopping than what is currently out there.  The industry is still very new with lots of room for growth.

Penny Auction Watch: Just a few months ago Vamooza was for sale. When did you re-open Vamooza?

Vamooza: We purchased the site knowing it was operational for several months and had an existing user base.  Once we purchased the site we made some minor changes as well as software validation. Our first auction started November 1 with an end date of November 7.  We currently run about 3 auctions a day and will increase that as our user participation increases.

Penny Auction Watch: What kind of items do you have lined up?

Vamooza: We have a little bit of everything: blu-ray DVDs, Wii, PS3, iPods, kitchen stuff.  We also love to hear from our customers that let us know what items they want to see as well.

Penny Auction Watch: What are the timer increments between bids and does this vary by auction?

Vamooza: 15 seconds for each bid with the Bid Pal activating within 45 seconds.  This is set the same for all auctions this way everyone knows and expects the same for each auction.

Penny Auction Watch: How much do your bids cost?

Vamooza: Bids cost between $0.75 and $0.68.  Right now we have a special going on if you purchase a gold pack (100 bids) or more you receive 25 free bids.  In combination with the 5 free bids for registration (after the purchase of a bid pack) that equates to 130 bids for $75.00 or $0.58 per bid.

Penny Auction Watch: What are your shipping costs?

Vamooza: Shipping costs are between $4.95 and $15.00 depending on the size of the item.

Penny Auction Watch: Are you US/UK or other based?

Vamooza: US based in Southern California with our server in Chicago.

Penny Auction Watch: Are there win limits, limits /household?

Vamooza: We currently do not have limits but will reevaluate based on user participation.

Penny Auction Watch: What is  your bid refund policy?

Vamooza: Bids are non-refundable once purchased and/or used except when an auction is deemed unfair.  At that time all bids will be refunded for the entire auction.

Penny Auction Watch: How do you receive the 5 free bids for Registration?

Vamooza: We have changed our policy and are updating all new users with your 5 free bids for registering without purchasing a bid pack first.  We are hoping this will allow you to try out Vamooza without risk and eventually come to enjoy your experience on a regular basis.  We are currently adding 25 free bids to any bid pack purchase of 100 bids or more.

Our goal is to provide a fun, friendly and above all honest auction site.  The only way to accomplish this in our eyes is by having honest users.  We are here to make “Shopping Fun Again!” and look forward to building Vamooza into a platform our users enjoy the most.

Thanks Vamooza!

Please feel free to join the Penny Auction Watch forum to discuss your experiences with Vamooza and all other penny/entertainment auction websites. Thank you!

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