Beta Tests Tonight: Dime-Divas & Rocky Bid

Both RockyBid and Dime-Divas are having beta tests tonight.‘s, the designer handbag & accessory penny auction, beta test starts at 7PM EST, 10 free Diva Dimes will be awarded to testers check out the forum for more details. RockyBid‘s beta test is at 10PM EST

Here are the details from RockyBid:


Word has finally reached us from the IT pit that they will be running another public BETA test of the new site tonight.   First auction closes Tonight November 22 at 10 PM EST, and is open to anyone with an active account.

What will be testing?
Good question, we will be focusing primarily on the complete process of bidding. Meaning, we want you to go through the bidding process, register for an account if you don’t have one, activate your account if you need to,  use your bids, buy more bids, use a bid buddy, win an item, pay for the item, receive the item.

Wait what!?! Win the item and receive it?
That’s right, items won during the beta test including the featured auction of a Nintendo Wii, will be sent to the winner if he/she chooses to pay for regardless of glitches. All items have a flat shipping fee of $0.50 and the final value of the item. No credits from previous auctions will be applied. Winners will have 12 hours to complete their purchases so we can compile the data. Won items will not take up a slot on the limits page when we go live.

*please note that some items will be marked with an incorrect value. I.e. an item can be marked with a value of over $200 when it is clearly not. We did so deliberately in order to simulate an actual auction of that value and test the auction limits.

But what if I don’t win?
Not to worry, after the conclusion of the final BETA test auction, and shipment of won items we will be reversing all auctions and crediting the bids to all of our participants including the winner. If you purchased a bid package during the beta test you will retain all the new bids when we go live. We will not be refunded the money for the bid packages purchased.

That sounds great! How do I become an unofficial, unpaid, temporary employee of
It does sound great, doesn’t it?
It’s simple! All you have to do is log in like you’re used to doing and bid like its business as usual.  We ask that if you come across lag or errors of any kind that you open a ticket and let us know; telephone support will not be available during the beta test. Keep in mind we are aware that some of the peripheral links like the testimonial and rewards pages may not be working (if they are not essential to the bidding and or purchasing process do not worry about it).

Thank you for your assistance and patience while we complete the final phases of our upgrade. It is our stated goal to provide you with a polished penny auction site, that is as easy to use as it is fun, and above all fair to all our users… with liberty and justice for all.

All the best,
The Rockybid Staff

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  • hdd November 22, 2009, 4:36 pm

    lol, Rockybid using bot now.

    Too bad


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