Interview with Penny Auction LincolnBidz


Recently opened penny auction has fixed their auction errors and is now re-opening tonight at 6PM (CST).

Read our interview with LincolnBidz, Inc. (Yes, they really are really incorporated!):

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in the entertainment shopping industry?

We got into this by chance.  I was searching for online home auctions and found a couple of penny auction sites.  The idea was extremely intriguing and something we felt we just had to do.

Penny Auction Watch: When do you re-open?

We are set to launch at 6pm CST on November 30, 2009.  Auctions will run from 6pm to 10pm CST.  We are still in beta and will be having auctions on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday until we have all the bugs worked out.

Penny Auction Watch: What kind of items do you have lined up?

We have a little bit of everything.  There are some electronics, jewelry, toys, purses and gift cards.  We will be adding bigger and better items and of course, more items as our membership grows.  We’d also like suggestions for new and exciting items to be auctioned.

Penny Auction Watch: What are the timer increments between bids/does this vary by auction?

We are a new site so right now timers are running at 45 to 60 seconds.  The timer resets every time a bid is placed.  Timers do vary per auction and each bidding time is listed on the auction window and detail page for each item.  The timers will decrease as our membership increases.

Penny Auction Watch: How much are your bids?

We have bidz packs that range from $1.00 per bid down to just 75 cents per bid.  New members also get 3 free bidz when they sign up. Plus, we have a referral program which gives members 5 free bidz for each friend a member refers who signs up and purchases a bidz pack.

Penny Auction Watch: What are your shipping costs?

FREE – NONE – NADA!!!  We have free shipping to the 48 continuous United States!!!

Penny Auction Watch: Are there win limits, limits /household?

Our win limits are set at 2 per week per member.  We will be working the win limits to 4 per week per member as things get moving on the site.  Win limits are reset every Monday morning.  Membership is limited to 1 member per IP address and 2 members per household.

Penny Auction Watch: Is there a story behind the name/theme?

No story really– We wanted something that would be fun and soothing…. What could be more soothing than winning an incredible deal?

Additional Comments: has both penny auction – where the price is increased by just 1 penny with each new bid and fixed price auctions – where the final price is the listed price no matter how many bidz are placed.

We have built this site from scratch and our developers have been hard at work for over 8 months.  We would love any suggestions, comments and feedback from our members.  Contact can be done through the site or by emailing us at!!!

Also, we’d like to throw out a big ol’ THANKS to PAW members for all the help over the last month!!

Thank you,

Kelly Brewer, President

LincolnBidz Incorporated ~

Penny Auctions -- LincolnBidz

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you re-open this evening and hope all of the bugs are fixed! LincolnBidz looks legit, many PAW members have won and received items from LincolnBidz. Join the PAW forum to discuss your experiences with LincolnBidz and all other penny auction websites.

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