Update: RockyBid Problems

As you may know, Penny auction RockyBid has experienced some problems  transitioning to their new updated software, to keep you informed they requested we post an explanation:

What’s with all the ‘Rocky’ Bidding (excuse the pun)???

We’re sure you’ve all noticed the slowness in the past couple of days, well we tried to fix it. An update was done but alas it made things slower. Maybe we should name our IT division “RockySoft” (hey if you can’t laugh at yourself…)

So our programmers worked very late last night and issued an update to the update, a fix to fix the fix. So far so good, things seem fast and smooth and we have not had any complaints… yet. We have a good feeling that things are getting better with the performance of the website and we are hoping to unleash the Bid Buddies again soon. In fact we did a short test today and it seems to have improved as well. Bid Buddies need a bit more work though, so we’ll keep you posted (but look for them again soon).

Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!

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