Bid for Haiti Relief

The earthquake that hit Haiti last week was absolutely devastating, a large number of lives have been lost and significantly altered. While there are a number of ways you can help Haiti, you might be interested in knowing that a few penny auction sites are giving back some of their bid profits to help in the relief efforts.

Update: Just this morning (January 20th), a 6.1 magnitude aftershock struck Haiti.

The following penny auctions are helping Haiti:

Dime Divas to match & donate all Final Auction Prices through 1.31.10

OohiLove is running special auctions tonight, all profits that they make on their Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 (currently open), Lauren Merkin clutch, as well as  a special bid to donate auction,  will go to the American Red Cross for Haiti Earthquake Relief.

PennyPurses plans to donate proceeds from auctions this past weekend auctions to Haiti relief efforts  thanks PennyPurses!

Live2Bid is also running a bid-to-donate auction tonight. has posted their Charitable Donations:

12/20 Charity Donation: $59.37 to Red Cross

12/36 Charity Donation: $30.32 to Red Cross

01/02 Charity Donation: $25.72 to Red Cross

Live2Bid is urging users to participate in their Weekly Charity Auction Sunday

Bidray is running special Haiti Fund Auctions:

Haiti Fund auctions – 1/19/2009 “As you know, here at Bidray we take charity seriously.  The final sales price
of all our auctions has traditionally been donated to the charity of the winners’ choice. This week, in our special Haiti Fund auctions, we will donate twenty times the final sales price of the auction to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. The Haiti Fund auctions are 24h auctions.”

PennyJersey will donate 10-20% of all bid purchases:

“Through January 31st we will donate 10% of all bid purchases to Convoy of Hope. So now is the time to reload. So that gives us 12 days to blow this out of the water. Our challenge is this if we make it to $2500 in bids purchased over the next 12 days we will double the donation to 20%.”

Photo Credits: CC BY 2.0

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti-

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