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We always love to hear about your good customer support experiences!

Here are what a few of our forum members are saying:

“David at Bidazzled has proven to be one of the very best. He has always been fair, honest and available to address my many emailsAs busy as he is, he always takes the time to explain things and have been open to suggestions. Bidazzled is a great site to play in because of its wonderful customer service, awesome item selection and most importantly their worthwhile charity. Also admirable are James from Penny Purses, Greg from Live2Bid, Vanessa from OohILove, Jehnna from Swoopo, Joe from Getitforacent, “customer support” at Posh, Thomas & Greg from Bidyell .. to name a few. I support these honest PA [penny auction] site owners and I want nothing more than to see these people and their websites thrive

“Just wanted to give props to Bid Trotter!!! Their customer service is fantastic!!!
I had a small issue the other day and emailed them-fully expecting it to take days for them to respond. They responded so quickly it shocked me and solved my issue in a snap!”

“I would like to say that I had a good experience with today. I registered for their site, but never got a verification email. I used the contact form to get help, and within minutes had a response. Steve O was very helpful and after a few tries, he had to manually activate my account. I was just surprised at how quick everything got done. Thanks Steve O!”

PoshBid is showing their customer service is definitely coming back  A wallet I had won was on back order so they offered to let me pick something out on Amazon of equal value and send them the link so they could buy it for me, or I could get an Amazon gift card. I think that was a fantastic way to handle the situation and I was very pleased with that arrangement (I picked the Amazon card).”

Dibzees has excellent customer service. I have always had problems on the site….I get a “connectivity error” frequently when on the site and the owners have replied to me almost immediately and have really tried to help me figure out what keeps causing the problem. Never did figure it out, most likely it’s my router, and it still persists when the site is really busy, but I have still managed to win a few gift cards and they are always shipped very fast! Really great site! Really great support, super nice owner.

DimeDivas….Another site I frequently have technical trouble loading and bidding on, but have won 3 awesome items and have had all 3 shipped within days of winning. Travis has always replied to my emails very quickly and I think they are going to be very very successful….great support, great service, HOT items!! Whats not to love???”

“I would like to thank Jackie and Joe at zoozle for taking care of my wife yesterday. Once my wife contacted them about a item it was shipped to her the next day. That’s great support. Also with Rockybid’s changeover they have have problems I have spoken to them a number of times and been taken care of. Great Support. Bidrodeo has also taken care of any issues right away when I have contacted them.Anytime I have had a suggestion or issue Weronika has emailed me right away.
Great support I have used other sites but these three sites are the sites I use and trust.”
“So far,, are the best in customer support.”

“I have had great customer service with quibids, I have won a PS3 a dyson vacuum and an iPod touch all shipped within a few days from Amazon with a note “A gift from Quibids”

“I just wanted to say that Shawn at has been very accomodating. I live in Canada and there are some extra hoops that he has to jump through to get me the items I have won. He is always quick to respond and that alone makes me want to bid on his site more. I also love the fact that he is putting up more and more sports memorabila. PJ is a truly great site!”

Tell us about your positive customer support experiences with penny auctions!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this post are from our registered forum members and not that of’s owner.

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  • wayne brockfeld June 30, 2014, 3:16 pm

    what is my act. being charged a 79.00$ charge when i have never done any dealings with you? I would like it refunded now!


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