Possible Fake Customer Testimonial Videos

One of our great members pointed it out to us that the owners of penny auction may be posting shill/fake testimonials on YouTube. There are about 13 videos on menright03’s YouTube Channel, two are demos of how to use StickrPrice, the rest are various “testimonials,” some even include children telling how great StickrPrice is.

Here’s what looks like could be the owner, or someone affiliated with, admitting to bidding ( or pretending to be a customer) of the penny auction site.

There are about 7 videos, to see them:



Here’s the same bidder who admits to have won auctions on, the description on the video  [youtube]7V1SPTh1VLQ[/youtube]reads: Who has the best Penny Auction Sites on the net? We have it here!

And here’s a tutorial for bidding on, same voice?


It looks like this guy filmed his videos in the same hotel as the owner/customer?


Apparently will help you with your medical bills:




Again, all of these YouTube videos promoting and instructing users how to use are all found on the same YouTube channel.

We’re not too sure whether or not has shill bidders, but it looks like they may have decided to make a few fake testimonial/commercials, to attract users to their penny auction site. As you can see we just don’t like it when we find fake testimonials.

Discuss on our forum.


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  • caveninit January 13, 2010, 11:28 am

    These videos are pretty lame.


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