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It’s always fun to discuss bidding strategies, GoBid just sent an e-mail out with their bidding suggestions:
1. Be Prepared
This might seem simple enough but it should never be underestimated.  If you are serious about winning you need to have enough Bids to go the distance.  9 times out of 10 the winning bidder is the one who goes into the auction with the most Bids.  Buying bids in the middle of a heated auction is a recipe for disaster.  Think about that next time you see something you want and stock up.
2. Bid with Time on the Clock

It’s been said that the offense is a good defense.  That might be true in football but it won’t win you any auctions.  Last second bidding prevents someone else from winning but does nothing to help you win.  Smart bidders get their bids in after the last second flurry so they are on top as the clock ticks down.  Don’t play the bottom.  Be the high bidder all the time and you win.
3. No Time for Relaxation

Sleeping in on the weekend is a time honored tradition but the early bird gets the worm.  Weekend auctions tend to end more quickly and at lower prices.  Get out of bed and get in on the action.  You never know what you might take home.

GoBid Tip of the Week-Know Your Enemy

GoBid is one big, happy family…that would stick you with a fork for that last piece of pie. The more you know about the people you bid against, the more likely you will beat them. Everyone has their own bidding style and it doesn’t take long to see the patterns. Get to know who you are bidding against and you stand a solid chance of finding and exploiting their weakness. Of course, we love you all equally.”
What’s your bidding strategy? Discuss here!

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