Sell Your Own Items on Dutch Auction POGNU, Purchase Online Goods New and Used, is the first Dutch (price drop) auction that we have seen where users can list and sell their own items.

Pognu’s founder tells us that the unique thing about Pognu is that users can watch the prices drop and purchase the item when the price reaches what they are comfortable with paying. Keep in mind that there is a price floor, the lowest price a seller will accept. There are no fees to sellers and buyers only pay a service fee on the money that they save. For instance, if a user buys a product for $10 and the price is usually $20 they pay $1.50 service fee.


We offer the opportunity to sell your products on our website for FREE.  Please specify in your auction listing wether an item is new or used.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with our Dutch style auctions before listing an item to maximize your profit. You will be required to enter a starting price for you auction.  You will also need to enter a Price Floor, which is the lowest price you will accept for your auction item.  If you would like, you may change these at any time by going to the My Pognu section of the website.

You are able to sell as many items as you like.  If your item does not sell, it will go to the queue and re-list for you automatically until it sells.  You may change, edit or end your auctions at any time using the My Pognu section of the website.  If your auction sells, will collect payment from the winning bidder and forward your payment to the Paypal email you listed on your profile page at registration.  As a seller you are responsible for shipping your item, and items are to be shipped and arrive to the buyer in a timely manner.  Buyers feedback will deternine your seller rating.

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