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Some penny auction sites shill bid and don’t even ship items, some even mislead customers by not disclosing everything in plain site something needs to be done to stop the unethical business practices. Though shill bidding in penny auctions may not be illegal, an FBI agent told us they’re not, we think they SHOULD be investigated and consumers should be warned on a larger scale, i.e. the FTC’s website & the IC3 ?

Did anyone read this post Requesting an Explanation yet?

Who could we send this information to?

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  • E-Shopper March 18, 2010, 3:53 am

    I think anyone with any common sense is automatically skeptical of penny auctions, weren't you when you heard about the very first one? I know I was. I thought it was a complete scam and luckily, I was able to have my first experience with an honest, legit site ( and was able to win my first item with free bids. After winning and receiving my first item from them it was easier for me to trust them and buy that first small bid pack, especially knowing that I could file a claim with paypal or my credit card company if say I bought bids, won an item, and they never shipped it.

    I know some people on the purse forum where I first heard about PP still to this DAY do not trust penny auctions, think they are a scam, and no matter how many other members vouch for them they still won't put their money in penny auctions.

    At the end of the day, it all goes back to free will. We can only control our own actions. What I may think is safe or who I may place my trust in is my choice. Nobody is being forced to buy bids or play on any site, and those who do surely have the sense to know that they are taking a gamble. I can't imagine there are very many people who are out there losing hundreds and hundreds of dollars over and over again and never winning anything due to shilled sites. If there are, well, unfortunately, you can't police stupidity.


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