4Biddinbidslive.com: Alleged Shill Bidders & Unprofessional Behavior

One of our forum members (thank you!) has just informed us that he has, allegedly, found shill bidders on the new penny auction Biddin4Bids.com.

He even questioned them on the shill bidding (that was found using Firebug- see explanation here) and was lied to and insulted, he was treated very unprofessionally and his account was even deactivated. As is evidenced in the video captures from chat conversations between him and the site just a few minutes ago (Note: They’re near the end of this post.)  4BiddinBidsLive even told him that the software (which looks to us like PhpPennyAuction.com’s ) has cost them millions of dollars- we don’t think this is true.

We went in and also took a look at 4BiddinBidsLive.com with Firebug and found that the user tomcat69 has the same exact e-mail address (4biddinbids@charter.net) as the site’s customer support/owner, take a look:


4biddinbids penny auction

The following screenshot shows that tomcat69 has the e-mail address “4biddinbids@charter.net:”

(Click on screenshots to enlarge)

The same owner also tried to start another site called ApexBids, for the purpose of starting a seat auction, as you can see the same e-mail account was used:


We also found that the user 51ChevyTruck is friends with the owner on her personal Facebook paged based on his e-mail address.
Additionally, Users gotobed & IGotThis have no e-mail addresses, with the particular script they’re using, this has been known to signify that the user is a bot / auto bidder/ shill:

penny auction scam

Since 4BiddinBidsLive.com has been called on this via Facebook, they deactivated the user that called them out’s user account and must have removed it from the database because bid histories are now missing. The user’s name and the auctions say no one won the auction when he was the winning bidder of two bidpacks, as you will see on of page 1 of our recorded ended auction history.
See all ended auctions, page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
You will see that user tomcat69 seems to have won 27 items!
If you’re interested in seeing the chat conversations where someone affiliated with someone from 4BiddinBidsLive’s Facebook accounts has addressed the shill bidding accusation (very unprofessionally & even harassing, might we add.):

Video captures of our forum member’s conversation with someone with 4BiddinBidsLive:
#1 http://screencast.com/t/YTE0MWFlNT
#2 http://screencast.com/t/MWY0Yjg2M
#3 http://screencast.com/t/MmIyNzNkMzk– Slightly longer version with the updated threats and slurs. Also if you notice, it seems they are talking to more than one person (the user sending us this info and someone else with the site, perhaps the owner, but they don’t seem to be aware of it).

As many of our readers know, we do not take lightly to findings of shill bidding and it is of our opinion that shill bidding has been occurring on 4Biddinbidslive.com. Remember, shill bidding is fraudulent.

Based on these above mentioned findings 4Biddinbidslive.com has been added to the “Red Flags” section of our Penny Auction Forum.

Join us in discussing penny auction sites!

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  • iwontgiveup July 20, 2010, 2:41 am

    Despicable. These money hungry lowlifes are ruining the penny auction industry.

  • karen August 8, 2010, 12:50 pm

    Yes I agree with all of your comments this site is nothing but a scam and fraulent i done some coding for her her name is Elizebeth and she never paid me either and she hand mention how she had this bright idea to take people's money an nothing they could do about it so myself i wouldnt have anything to do with the site or would i recommend it to anyone


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