Bids4Penny Not Honoring Auction Wins

bids4penny auctionsPenny auction, is currently undergoing a change of ownership and states that they will not honor any winning auctions from July 15th onward and that users should not bid until further notice (note the date & time this was posted 7/16, 21:45):

“Please note any winning auctions from the 15th July 2010 won’t be completed nor will they be accepted due to ownership change of So please don’t bid on auctions until further notice.”

Accordingly, the following 14 auction items (7 ended before the notice was posted) and any current auctions will not be honored:

Just today a forum member that won a 50 bid auction posted the following concern:

“hi there, im new to all this and i had free bids on bids4penny i won 50 bids and now they are closed,other people are still bidding here but will not receive any won items due to the small print on the side , clock is still running and thats a joke is this right help them please.”

A user of Bids4Penny sent us a YouTube video and their suspicions of this penny auction while it was owned by the previous/current (before this changeover) owners. They write, “I have not had a answer as to why all the bids are going on from every bidder at the same time , but all the clocks have now gone even weirder.”

They noticed that all bids were placed when the timer hits 25 seconds:

A few months ago we allegedly caught Bids4Penny Shill Bidding and even found that they were advertised as being for sale with auto bidding bots (shills)!

Is Bids4Penny providing refunds if they are not honoring wins? Let us know.

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  • July 25, 2010, 5:41 pm

    You have caught us?!?!? when have you ever had a chat with us or caught us to “shill bidding” ?
    and even found us being for sale?!! “EVEN” found us? WOW. what a huge discovery you’ve had!! lets call the Nasa’s agents because you found that we(bids4penny) were going to sell our company!! get a life and stop talking nonsense from your back side…


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