is a it Legit Penny Auction?

Penny Auction Bargains

We just found by way of an ad on, they say they are the “Home of the Auctions with the Most Winners,” but it’s of our opinion, that they are running the bot script (fake shill bidders) that comes with the’s penny auction script that this site is running on.

Currently there are two auctions running, one for a Macbook Pro  MC226LL/A 17-Inch Laptop, which they value at $2,288 and another for a 64GB iPad. There have been dozens of bidders bidding on the MacBook and they have already taken in 3,037 bids!


Then, there’s the iPad that’s currently running with the MacBook, not only are the auctions set to end at the same time each time a new bidder bids (usually at 1-2 seconds) on both auctions a new bidder bids at the exact same time as if they were programmed bots set to bid at the same exact time and also of note, not all of the bidders are on bid buddy when this happens and it happens every time.

Take a look at the video screenrecording we just did that illustrates this:

And then, take a look at the bidder’s that are currently bidding on the MacBook:

Today, 12:32:42 DefMo Bid Buddy
Today, 12:32:13 mayBick Single Bid
Today, 12:31:43 Adrain Single Bid
Today, 12:31:12 Ronde Single Bid
Today, 12:30:43 YoYoMine Single Bid
Today, 12:30:18 MoDee Single Bid
Today, 12:30:18 Shinghala Single Bid
Today, 12:29:14 DARREN6 Single Bid
Today, 12:29:14 Pookie Single Bid
Today, 12:28:42 MamaSay Single Bid
ay, 12:39:36 GoTo5 Bid Buddy
Today, 12:39:06 DARREN6 Single Bid
Today, 12:38:36 FreightD Single Bid
Today, 12:38:06 Hard6s Single Bid
Today, 12:37:37 WiseMom Bid Buddy
Today, 12:37:06 Dawson Bid Buddy
Today, 12:37:06 Tenley Single Bid
Today, 12:36:36 DrLove Single Bid
Today, 12:36:10 CinBad7 Single Bid
Today, 12:36:10 BigDog Bid Buddy
Today, 13:02:08 MoDee Single Bid
Today, 13:01:37 WishMe2 Single Bid
Today, 13:01:06 Two220 Bid Buddy
Today, 13:00:36 WuZuP Single Bid
Today, 13:00:06 DrLove Single Bid
Today, 12:59:38 MamaSay Single Bid
Today, 12:59:38 Chicky1 Bid Buddy
Today, 12:59:07 DARREN6 Single Bid
Today, 12:58:38 Xvany Single Bid
Today, 12:58:38 Adrain Single Bid

Do these usernames even seem real to you?

Who is behind We’re not sure, the domain is registered as private, there is no state listed in the terms nor any contact information.

They do, however, have a  “Winning Disclaimer” but here’s what it says: “Do not invest in this auction with UNREASONABLE EXPECTATIONS of automatically winning. The results of each auction will vary. In the end, you may or may not be a winner.” Is that all this site wanted to disclose?

Their current Alexa ranking? 2.8m+

“’s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 2,861,187. Visitors to the site spend roughly two minutes per visit to the site and 38 seconds per pageview. Approximately 75% of visits to the site consist of only one pageview (i.e., are bounces). Visitors to the site view an average of 1.8 unique pages per day. The fraction of visits to referred by search engines is very small.”

What do you think is going on here? We think that if Penny Auction Bargains is indeed using the bot script to hold an undisclosed reserve (shill bidding) they should stop.

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  • iwontgiveup July 30, 2010, 7:11 pm

    another script… so lame.


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