Bidsauce Launches First Mobile Bidding App

Today, penny auction launched their mobile bidding app for the Android. “The new application can be downloaded from the Android mobile app marketplace by searching for “Bidsauce.” Once installed on an Android phone the app allows the user to view all of the current live auctions. Once an auction is selected the user can bid on that auction and then “flip” between auctions with a swipe of their finger.”

Bidding by phone, could this be a good or bad thing?

Can you think of a few pitfalls? 😉

  • Cellphone battery dies mid-auction… eek
  • Boss catches you bidding, possible loss of job
  • Loss of signal, loss of bids spent
  • ?
  • Ok, ok, We’ll admit, we have tried to bid via cellphone before and it’s not the best idea, some smartphones don’t even let us bid, maybe this app will be pretty cool. Has anyone tried it out yet? Related Tech News: Just today T-mobile announced the  G2 HSPA+ Android Device, if rumors are  right, it will be out next month.
Have you bid on Bidsauce?

Bidsauce says that they guarantee a win on a user’s first bidpack purchase, or they will replenish users first bidpack purchase 100%.
Let us know what your experiences with Bidsauce have been in our penny auction forum!

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  • Matthew August 18, 2010, 2:54 pm

    A company by the name of simply bid has had an iphone app available in the app store for several months which allows you to sync to site and bid on all items.They are a UK based company.


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