The Gong Has Been Struck on GongBid

Just yesterday a forum member by the name of “pintos” joined our forum and posted a positive review  to the thread about, a UK based penny auction site:

“Yesterday, 12:53 PM
pintos pintos is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2010
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Thumbs up play and still play there
Great site with quick support “

Last week our forum member Sodaman posted the following comments to the thread:

“Anyone else have any experience with this site? They have been open for 7 months. The cash payout are within hours and emails are prompt. I noticed the site makes money on almost every auction ran. Especially the $25 auction. The 6 auctions I’ve won on the sale price is between 2.5x-5x retail. Minimum loss and no risk to the site owner. What’s there secret?

Then, a day later posted:

“A day after this post one $25 auction sold for 9 cents. I think there are reading PAW. Go read! Where were these great deals in the past 6 months? I forgot to mention there are no wins limits here.”

Candy replied to Pintos’ post:

“Well Sodaman, I have played there, but no longer. In fact, I closed my account today. I suspect shill bidding & also their system will log you out during an auction. You don’t have time to log back in because the auction is won by that last bidder. Coincidence?

I also noticed this is Pinto’s first and only post??? I wondered if Pinto was a shill bidder? hmmmmm You will find yourself chanting during auctions: “The shills are coming! The shills are coming!” It is a shame too! They can make a profit without this funny business & could be a very popular & profitable PA.”at co

Well, we sent an e-mail to Gongbid and found that their IP address is the same as Pintos‘ IP address and sure enough, Pintos has won numerous auctions on Gongbid, one against PAW forum member Sodaman.

We checked out the e-mail address on file for Pintos and it has the SAME last name as the domain registrant. says that owners and employees cannot bid!?
Auctions with Pinto the winner:

What could be going on here?

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