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Oohilove is a penny auction site that specializes in selling designer handbags, shoes, accessories and gift cards.

I recently had a wonderful lunch at the Crepevine in San Francisco with Vanessa , marketing & merchandising director of Oohilove. Over crepes and salad we discussed Oohilove’s progress and the penny auction industry. With features in The Huffington Post and CosmoGirl, Oohilove has grown substantially over the past few months attracting many fashion loving consumers new to penny auctions.

Vanessa went to Stanford with the founders of Oohilove and enjoys applying her merchandising knowledge and fashion sense to finding new designer items and can easily recognize designer handbags.

Oohilove sells a wide array of designer items such as Prada, Tiffany, Christian Louboutin shoes, Botkier, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and more, with plans to sell lower priced designer handbags as well.

Thanks for lunch, Vanessa!

A smart bidding tip from Oohilove:

“Know your fellow bidders and what they are up to: Timing is important and on Oohilove you can see the details of the last six bids placed. Use this to your advantage to make sure you see who is bidding and when they’re bidding. …If you can work out your competitor’s strategy you can jump in at the right time and snatch the product!”

A few things that set Oohilove apart from other similar penny auctions:

  • Their fun fashion blog
  • Facebook “tag a bag” contests  where users can tag themselves in featured bag photos and guess the end price of upcoming auctions to win bids,  the user who comes the closest wins bids. Visit their Facebook Page & follow them on Twitter for updates
  • Oohilove is accredited by the BBB and currently holds a B+ rating
  • Buy it Now option- Users can apply bids spent to purchasing items
  • Beginner’s Auctions

If you’d like to try out Oohilove here’s a coupon for 5% in FREE bids with any bid pack purchase. Use code FALLINLOVE at checkout now through October 15, 2010.

Discuss Oohilove and all Penny Auctions in our Forum!

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