Penny Auctions Explode in Japan

In October of 2009 we wrote about finding the Japanese penny auction and we remember that it seemed they had bot bidders (bidders w/o e-mail addresses – found with Firebug).

It looks like penny auctions [ペニーオークションとは] have gained popularity in Japan, we just found dozens from the Final Auction penny auction with a woman holding a gun to a penny auction just for food & beverages, there’s even one that lists over 20k ended auctions.

Anyone hungry?

…there’s even Kobe Beef!

Items unique to Japanese penny auctions include light bulbs, appliances such as front loading washers & dryers, miso soup and more.

penny auctions japan

Gotta love the kawaii (cute) graphic design:

The blog analyzes Japanese penny auctions.

Can we get an interpretor?

Discuss this and all other penny auctions in our forum!

Ueno Market, Tokyo AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved by pjriccio2006

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