For10Cents User to Have $11k+ In Won Items Cancelled Because She Posted on PAW

According to a user of, because she posted on our forum under the For10Cents section over $11k+ worth of won items dating back to 118 days have just now been cancelled. Their reasoning, apparently users are not allowed to discuss

She writes,

“My account was placed under review less then 1 week after I inquired about the status of over $11,000 worth of items I won, dating as far back as 118 days as of today.

When I inquired why my account was placed under review, I was sent this message by the CEO:

Hello Claudia,
Thank you for your your email. We do appreciate you as our customer however we are obligated to do our best to keep as equal as possible and fair to all bidders. That requires constant review of activities on our portal as well as “outside” of it, including but not limited to Facebook, Penny Auction Watch etc. Your account came up under review due to certain information we collected. Be assured that we do appreciate you as an active customer and work hard to reasonably evaluate information to assure that our policies are respected by all bidders. As stated previously we will complete review within 7 to 10 business days and will contact you immediately.

Maciej Wilhelm
Chief Executive Officer, Inc.
145 S. Northwest Hwy.
Park Ridge, IL 60068
Ph: (1773) 818-4645

I finally received a call today from the CEO. They accused me of collusion because of posts I made on the 4.10 [for10cents] thread here on PAW and on a Penny Auction Facebook page. He said that he “doesn’t authorize it’s users to post about 4.10″. Can you believe that? What right does he have to accuse me of collusion when I was just using my right to free speech. I have never posted a claim to a single item and have take care to avoid bidding on auctions my friends bidded on so I wouldn’t be accused of collusion. Nor does it state in their TOS that you are prohibited from discussing 4.10 on Facebook or PAW. That argument really goes out the window when 4.10 actually did an interview with PAW!!!

When I asked for proof , he said “he didn’t have to furnish it”. He then offered me a “deal”. They would void all my open, unshipped wins and refund me my bids. I have won $11,429.82 retail value. I have paid $5,309.41. Quite a deal for them I’d say. He then said, “If I wanted to, I could continue the site after I signed a paper stating that I accepted this deal”. By no means will I sign any such thing!!! It is really funny though how they shipped out the $200 gift cards and other smaller value items while holding back the laptops and cameras I have won. What a joke!!!

Come to talking with other “power” bidders, they are doing the same exact thing to them. 4.10 is looking for excuses not to pay what they owe people. They are committing fraud and I will do whatever means necessary to recover what has been stolen from me and 4.10 prosecuted to the full extent of the law!!!”

According to their terms,

“2.      Collaborative Playing – entering into a collusive agreement with other players; sharing Usernames; using one or more of the following in conjunction with multiple user accounts: billing address, shipping address, email address, credit card or bank account number, and computer IP address.

2. Termination by a. reserves the right to temporarily or permanently terminate User account at its sole discretion for any reason or no reason, with or without notice or if it determines the User have violated these Terms & Conditions, any laws, or the rights of our other users or other third parties. You agree that if, in good faith and in its sole discretion, determines that You have breached these Terms & Conditions, may withhold, cancel or otherwise retain any and all of Your pending deliveries and/or refunds for bids.

b. If terminates your Account for any reason other than your violation of these Terms & Conditions, any laws, or the rights of our other users or other third parties, then shall return to you the balance of any purchased and paid Bids”

b. If terminates your Account for any reason other than your violation of these Terms & Conditions, any laws, or the rights of our other users or other third parties, then shall return to you the balance of any purchased and paid Bids”

Other users are reporting that they’re still waiting for items after 3 months. We spoke with the CEO of For10Cents a few months ago, he didn’t tell us that users were not allowed to discuss his site, but we do know that they wanted a negative post removed.

The user who posted the following comment to our forum also just had their account suspended:

“The quickest I’ve ever recieved an item is 60 days. It’s usually closer to 90 though. I don’t know how they stay in business with such poor customer service and shipping times.”

Many months ago we cancelled their ads the very same day they were installed after we found shilled forum postings, they told us they fired the person responsible for this and then because we were reading positive experiences from users on our forum we posted an interview about them just a few weeks ago, we’ve since edited the post to reflect the delayed shipping & response times. We do not think it’s acceptable for them to wait as long as they have been to ship items to customers and to state in their terms that they can cancel a users’ account for any reason or for no reason at all(?).

What’s your opinion? This sounds like a gag order, is this even legal?

The FTC says items have to be shipped within 30 days unless specified otherwise, “You are required to ship merchandise within the time frame specified during the auctionor within 30 daysif a time frame is not specified. If you can’t meet the shipping commitment, you must give the buyer an opportunity to agree to the new shipping date or cancel the order for a full refund. To learn more about your responsibilities when shipping products, see A Business Guide to the Federal Trade Commission’s Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule.”- Internet Auctions A Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Discuss For10Cents and other penny auction sites in our forum.

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  • Claudia Baraglia October 1, 2010, 4:52 am

    Thank you PAW !!

    I would like to add their delivery terms per their TOS:


    Auction Winner will be notified of the estimated delivery date by e–mail after the auction has been confirmed and verified by (usually within 48 to 72 hours) and fully paid for by the Winner.

    For10cents, in its own discretion, may retain the item purchased at Auction if the Auction Winner has any balances outstanding and unpaid to For10cents. An invoice containing the item price and delivery charges will be included with the delivery of the item.

    Auction Winner will be notified of the estimated delivery date in a confirmation e–mail. If, for whatever reason, cannot deliver an item within 30 days from the date an Auction Winner has been confirmed, For10cents will provide the Auction Winner with the option to receive payment equal to the retail value of the item won at Auction, or continue to await delivery for up to an additional 30 days. In the event it is apparent that the item will be undeliverable, the Auction Winner will receive payment equal to the retail value of item. is operated within the continental US for Users within the US and therefore does not ship or bill to international addresses. delivers to street addresses (not P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO) in the continental US only

    All of the items they owe me, with the exception of a $200 Gift Card are past 30 days. I was never contacted to discuss alternative shipping dates nor offered an alternate item in place of what I won. Certain items were held back while other lesser value items were shipped. What does that tell you?

  • EIS October 1, 2010, 10:24 am

    If even half of what is in this post is correct, this user needs to contact the office of Lisa Madigen, Illinois Attorney General. Don't waste time with BBB or the FTC, just go straight to Madigen.

    • Amanda October 3, 2010, 3:26 am

      Good tip, thanks for this. This is NOT cool at all.

  • Claudia October 3, 2010, 5:01 am

    It is correct. All of it. I won everything fairly and all auctions were verified for any type of collusive play or manipulation before I was allowed to pay for them. I won may other items during this period, which they shipped. They just held back most of the larger value items. I am gathering all of the paperwork to file with Illinois Attorney General to submit on Monday, October 4th.

    I am also gathering evidence where the CEO asked other users not to post on PAW and Facebook anymore. However, in that particular case he had all of his items shipped to him after he threatened to file chargebacks. I have spoken to other users as well in the same situation and urged them to come forward. I suspect you will be seeing more posts on this as this drama unfolds.

  • Jeff October 5, 2010, 6:57 am

    I entered into a heated argument with an obviously jaded user of in this thread 5 months ago:
    on as to whether or not was a legitimate web site. I was actually taking for10cents' side on the matter and defending them. I even posted a picture of a receipt for an item that I had won on for10cents as to proof of them being on the up and up and actually shipping items and NOT just taking money.

    Shortly after posting the pictures of the receipt(within a day) the owner/CEO of, Maciej Wilhelm, contacted me via phone and asked if it was me that posted the picture of the receipt. I told him yes.

    During the conversation with him he let me know that they( "couldn't keep me or anyone from posting or speaking about publicly" but that he would appreciate it if I wouldn't post on that thread anymore as they monitored it daily and that it was causing a high volume of phone calls and emails for them about the legitimacy of their web site.

    I was never told that I couldn't post or I would lose all rights to any items I've won because of speaking about on public forums. I did agree not to post on that thread anymore and haven't since.

    Up until June, shortly after that thread was posted, shipping times were good and usually items would arrive to me within 2-3 weeks after winning the item.

    In the weeks/months after June I won a total of 7-9 items which I did not receive for at least 54-60 some odd days. I got the same run around that most people are now getting these days that are posting about their experiences. A friend of mine still has not received an item after 48 days and no notice of when it will ship either.

    I'm not defending anymore. They owe people items/money and need to own up to it and make things right. They need to own up to everyone they owe items to, not just the small dollar accounts they owe but also the high dollar ones they owe as well, like Claudia's above.

  • Claudia Baraglia December 14, 2010, 6:36 pm


    As of today, December 14th 2010, has shipped me several of the items as well as refunded me for my unused bids. We are working together to resolve this misunderstanding. They will be ordering the remaining items this week and I will post the final outcome when everything is received.

    Claudia Baraglia

    • Amanda December 14, 2010, 7:55 pm

      Good to hear this./ Thanks!

  • Chad February 18, 2011, 2:07 pm

    Scam or no, one fact is the shipping time. I won a action from for a gift card. Here’s a copy and paste from my account.
    Price: $20.03
    Shipping and Handling cost: $5.00
    Bidder: lordskeep
    61 d ago
    Time to outbid: 6 s
    Amount to outbid: $0.01
    Worth up to: $200.00
    Current price: $20.03
    You are saving: $179.97
    As you can see it’s been 61 days and my card still has not even shipped. After my first email to them I was told that it would be 6 to 8 weeks for it to ship. After 8 weeks I emailed them again here’s a copy of the email I received.
    Dear Bidder:

    Thank you for contacting Customer Service. We apologize for a delay in shipment of the item you have won. The items will be ordered for you this week and you should receive them in the next 7-14 days. You will receive an e-mail with the tracking number once the product is sent out.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us at 847-337-8344 should you have any other questions.

    Thank you for your patience and thank you for being a valued customer of

    Should you need further assistance, please contact us directly at 847-337-8344. Our customer service department is open Monday through Thursday 9am to 7pm CT and Friday 9am to 5pm CT.

    Thank you for being a valued customer of!

    Lindsay Zilai
    This email was sent to me on a weekend. So how it it going to ship that week? Well now that week (next week that is) is past and still nothing.They say they will email you when it has shipped.Here’s the post off web page as of 2/18/2011
    After we receive confirmation from your credit card/ paypal company that your payment was completed we will send you an email with the information that we have received the payment and within 21-28 days the product will be shipped to you. You will also be informed of the shipment via email.

    notice 21-28 days. So rather this site is a scam or not I have been lied to 3 times now…3 or it it 4 times …I lost track.So even if you luck out and win an action don’t expect to get in within the next year.
    This is 100% a true story …still waiting…


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