CheapOH! VP Embarks On a Misinformation Smear Campaign Against PAW After Article

On Tuesday, December 14th, I posted an article on how the new “unbiased” (“with the best review information with no biased views on any retailer.”) penny auction review site, at was registered to the same address as the western US offices of penny auction

Additionally, the e-mail contact listed on the domain registry information, JordanDove[@] Jordan Dove is the COO & Vice President of the CheapOh Network, of the penny auction site

As I illustrate in my article, 2 out of 3 articles that were on the website were praising and calling it a “double verified” penny auction site, and “#1 rated in customer support and shipping time”

What unbiased reviewer writes a review that reads like an ad insomuch as this one?:

“CheapOh! Penny Auctions, rated #1 in Customer Support and Shipping Time offers around the clock support and products for it’s customers. (PAL, PB, PAH)Register on CheapOh! and receive 5 free bids! Users have confirmed to receiving their items with free shipping on all products to the domestic U.S.A. CheapOh! has also been reported as fairly easy to win with savings up to 99% off name brand electronics.”-Originally posted on – “CheapOh! Penny Auctions Reviewed”

Furthermore, what penny auction bidder states that any penny auction site provides them with savings of up to 99% off? 99% off discount on items is incredibly rare, if even possible (in my opinion).

A reader just pointed out to me that Jordan also posted a review of his own site on our site this week, Jordan said : “Great customer service, and easy to win. Receive your item in as little as one business week, up to 99% off!” The other review, not so favorable. A few PAW members have told us that they have yet to receive items from them, one said an item was promised two weeks ago and still hadn’t been received.

cheapoh's Website, "The Leading Auction Site" - FAKE Penny Auction Watch Logo on right side.


The same day, when looking at,  I also found that they had a shoddily made logo with the words “Penny Auction Watch” on the bottom right of their website homepage, right next to other “Seal of Approval’s” from other penny auction information websites.

Another image was an actual “seal” of a penny auction forum that does “verify” sites, which I recently learned, was also not authorized to be on their website.

According to Jordan, this Penny Auction Watch fake logo/image was on the site for 3-months, placed there when they had a sponsored forum on PAW. They didn’t even ask for my permission or tell me they were doing this. The use of the service mark on their site was a service mark infringement and damages the good name of Penny Auction Watch and everything I and this site stands for. They made it look like I verified their site when I did not, they did not even provide a link to this site with the logo image.

I do not approve or verify that any one penny auction site, nor can I confirm that any site is 100% legit, therefore I cannot and do not endorse any one penny auction site and will not issue seals. The seal of approval was an idea that was announced earlier this year then shortly scrapped before a seal could go on a site.

After my article was posted, Jordan and Joseph came on the Penny Auction Watch forum and posted in their defense the following comment,  in CheapOh’s defense to questions asked by his customers and a user who mentioned he thought the owner was in high school:

“You can call me directly at 702.767.5557. I am a single parent with full custody. Call me 24/7. I look forward to answering or resolving any questions or concerns you may have regarding CheapOh!


———- Post added at 08:27 PM ———- Previous post was at 08:22 PM ———-

@Uanjum, Joseph is 21 years old with a child. I am 22.

Thanks for your concerns of obviously old and confirmed documents. Would you like to see my ID?

– Class of 2006, and Entrprenuer since 8.

I look forward to any calls if you wish to speak to me in any matters.

Toll free: (866) 337-6337 ext. 2
Direct to me: (702) 767-5557″

Also posted by Jordan: “Not owned. Hosted on our server, and ran by an individual NOT affiliates with CheapOh! Network LLC.

FYI, If you knew about SEO, it wouldn’t help us much having two sites, one promoting us on the same IP? That’s just silly. is more then penny auctions, my dear Amanda.

Thanks for the no e-mails or heads up on the footer image that our programmers put in there to fill up space on our new footer. Good job though trying to put out our inconsistencies after all this time.

About time CheapOh! got some recognition. I applaud PAW. Is there something personal you would like to discuss? Or let the community know why PAW is SOOOO INTERESTED IN CHEAPOH NOW?

Kind regards,

Jordan Dove


Games are meant to be PLAYED OUT.

Being a PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR, I do believe that you saying something about ‘Personal Feelings’ obviously, just truly brought out those feelings you have.

It’s ok. I can play Monopoly right along with you. I’ve been doing this a long time.

Can you please remove my personal information from the Front Page? It is fine for INDIVIDUALS to search for it in my state, however, not for it to be publicized. My lawyer has been contact.

Thank you for your time,

Jordan C. Dove”

Note that the information that was posted on the homepage, the registrant address for, which also happens to be the very same address as is posted on for the Western US offices of CheapOH. By the way, this address is also prominently displayed on on the Contact Page:

They then went on to demand their posts and information be removed as per the privacy policy, which stated that a user could e-mail admin – at – pennyauctionwatch – dot com to clear the database, well that was supposed to have been edited and was right then to state that once something is posted (This was also on the homepage of the forum before the upgrade) it becomes my property. They did not even adhere to the privacy policy terms because I did not receive an e-mail from them.  The information that was posted on the homepage regarding PAI and CheapOH had nothing to do with our privacy policy.

Jordan also posted,




Please keep reading all your comments, PAW is totally unethical, and justice will come to terms.

You respond and delete my comments?

WOW! Shameful. Too bad I printed out copies of all conversations. Oh well, not like ANYTHING can HAPPEN or anything CAN IT?

You personally post information that is not 100% verified, you watchdog, you.

Please contact me soon or this will have to take another road.

Jordan Dove

PS. The logo had been on there for 3+ months now. WHy was all this information just now brought up? NOT BECAUSE OF CHEAPOH!S INCREASED USER BASE AND ACTIVITY IS IT?? NOO. PENNY AUCTIONS AREN’T ALLOWED TO GROW LARGER BECAUSE OF PAW!

I know this post will be deleted within 10 minutes but.. Good riddance.

———- Post added at 10:54 PM ———- Previous post was at 10:18 PM ———-

I request my personal information to be removed from PAW front page, as well as anything against CheapOh! Network LLC as they are all false accusations.

My threat of living risk has put a fear in me which cannot be retstored. I have requested already twice, with printouts of time stamps, and then my post being deleted.

All information involving CheapOh! Network LLC, in regards to calumniating (making false accusations of speaking out in a malign against our company. Let alone, our LLC branding label is trying to get distraught by a WATCHDOG COMPANY PENNY AUCTION WATCH ( in order for CheapOh@ to lose profits of high equities. CheapOh! is a corporation, and proper actions will be taken.

Thanks Amanda Lee,

Jordan C. Dove

I would appreciate a phone call, You have heard me say this multiple times. This is how real business is handled.”

First of all, the article I posted was not meant to discredit, just show the information I found and pose a question for readers. How can a review site be unbiased but registered to the e-mail address and the same address for a penny auction site and their VP?

I recently upgraded the forum and accidentally deleted a comment he had made, which I had restored after I noticed it had been deleted. I do not want to discredit “a 100% legitimate corporation,” nor was it my intention. I am not, as you will also see reiterated below a “watchdog for larger PA’s” this was just the beginning of Jordan Dove’s smear campaign against me.  He demanded I call him at 12:22 AM CST, I told him I would like to keep communication with him in writing. Just a few days before he emailed to call me “UNPROFESSIONAL” for deleting his spam/promotional postings in my forum.

Jordan and Joseph then continued their comments on the blog post,

“Bastille, true statements. That’s not the only site she gets cutbacks from. Notice everytime a site starts to grow, it turns into a “scam site” on PAW?

Scared of companies starting a success Amanda? Can’t return phone calls Amanda? Have to publish my mothers name Publically. She also too has no affiliation with CheapOh! Network LLC.

There is not BOTS used on ANY auction, EVER. This is just simple remakrable of all this accusations that YOU can create Amanda. I know how to play this game as well though, as this isn’t my first rodeo Cowgirl, so strap up and ride the bull.

At least my Home Address is published, so you know where I live. I own over 2,500 domain names.. I was approached by an old acquitance if I had any business opportunities. I suggested learn the PA industry, and write reviews about sites. CheapOh! hosts this site, yes, but does not promote or endorse it.

A private party pays to use CheapOh! Network LLC’s Data Servers at a Monthly Premium.

Please call for any questions, or concerns that anybody may have, TOLL FREE:”- Jordan

First of all, I do not get cutbacks from any penny auction site.

The “everytime a site starts to grow, it turns into a scam site” that’s false.  Can’t return phone calls? He never called me. He demanded, after midnight, that I call him. He says his site has no BOTs, I never once said CheapOH had bots. Strap up and ride the bull, cowgirl? (lol…). So he tells us now that the western US offices of is his home address. He says an old acquaintance approached him to ask if he had any business opportunities, implying that an old acquaintance, whom might I add, also “shares his Wi-Fi” (he was also called out on this and said this on another forum) at 1 am PST, the time user “PennieAuctionInformation” posted to promote in the PAW forum.

Joseph,’s founder, also commented on the blog post:

“Hello – Joseph from The CheapOh! Network here. I bet this gets deleted before anyone is able to read it but let me give my two cents.

CheapOh.Net better known as The CheapOh! Network is owned and operated by the board and management team of CheapOh Network, LLC. CheapOh Network, LLC is owned by founder/president/CEO Joseph L (Me). Jordan is INDEED VP of CheapOh Network, LLC – but he is also CEO of his own Company The Dove Network Project, better known as Dove Network Project, LLC. PAI and Social Penny are both OWNED AND OPERATED by DNP, LLC – Who yes, rents server space from The CheapOh! Network, LLC. In no way are the sites DIRECTLY related. PAI offers reviews for all Penny Auction sites – and offers reviews directly for Social Penny users.

Amanda – I would like to suggest you review state laws before posting stuff like this. You are giving away personal information – which in some states is considered harassment.

Thanks for your time. This is all I have to say here. I will not be making any more comments. This is ridiculous Amanda – I will be consulting with my lawyer in the morning.”

Ok, so here in this last comment, Joseph just appears to have contradicted Jordan’s story on PennyAuctionInformation (PAI) being owned by an old acquaintance, only hosted on the CheapOh servers. Jordan states that PAI and SocialPenny are owned and operated by DNP, LLC which is also owned by Jordan Dove, the VP/COO of

I did not give out personal information, the domain registrant information is the very same address, as stated above, as’s western US offices.

By morning, December 15th, the blog was live,  as well as a post on 

First, the Blog, yes this was posted on’s penny auction site!

“ Illegally attacked DNP President and CheapOh! LLC Co-Founder Jordan Dove  CheapOh! Penny Auction Blog”


“New lawsuit coming soon against PAW. Several Nevada NRS laws broken, including endangerment of a child.”

First of all, I did not know Jordan had a child until Jordan posted that he was a single parent on the forum. I also did not know that the address for’s w. US offices, also displayed on, was his home address. Illegally attacked DNP President and CheapOh! LLC Co-Founder Jordan Dove  CheapOh! Penny Auction Blog

On the blog, Jordan  cites the following statute:

“In addition to the INTERNET NRS 200.575.1- Commits the crime of stalking on a person with whom he has a child in common while a proceeding for the custody of that child is pending for which he has actual or legal notice, commits the crime of aggravated stalking.”

Sorry Jordan, I am not your baby’s momma nor did I stalk you by posting the domain registrant information for

“Amanda Lee, Owner and watchdog of Penny Auction Watch, is currently being processed to receive a subpoena from the Nevada Federal Judiciary,

“It’s a shame what some low-lifes will do, to ruin a proper business that feeds multiple familes, for the satisfaction of one, sad, lonely 22 year old girl from Minnesota. Is it because Brett Favre can’t win a game this year?

How about our request for all personal information, via your Privacy Policy that has been ‘CHANGED’ (Coincidence I would assume). However, this is still live, and documented on source files for lawyers as well with several other documents, and multiple oxymoron phrases which makes PAW, a contradiction.”

I thought there had to be an “action” before a subpeona could be issued. I thought Favre played for the Packers (WI)? Shows how much I know about sports. And no, I will not remove any of the posts they’ve posted on the forum, nor do I consider myself sad, lonely, or a low-life.

  Now for Jordan Dove’s Blog:

The Penny Auction Watch Scam blog, created by Jordan Dove, a day after my post on is nothing short of trade libel. Penny Auction Watch is a pending servicemark. See

Further, the “Penny Auction Watch-Scam” blog  is malicious, libelous, defamatory and falsely accuses and attacks not only my website, Penny Auction Watch (a public figure) but harasses, threatens and maligns myself, Amanda Lee, a private person.

Addressing the Vicious Lies of Jordan Dove, VP/COO of CheapOh’s Penny Auction Watch – Scam Blog:

1. “Penny Auction Watch is a scam”

Penny Auction Watch is not a scam, Penny Auction Watch is my blog & forum to provide penny auction users with information on penny auction sites. I created this website after I had been ripped off by a penny auction site I am almost sure used bots to bid against me for a new Honda Hybrid. This was in May of 2009, there was minimal information on the internet about penny auctions and no forum where users could go and share their reviews of penny auction sites.

Penny Auction Watch is a service offered free of charge to Internet users.

Definition of the word SCAM: “a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, esp. for making a quick profit; swindle.”

2. “PAW provide False Information on Trusted Penny Auction Sites for Personal Revenue Gains”

First of all, I never state that any one site is a trusted penny auction site, and do not post false information on purpose, if something is false please let me know. Second, I do have ads on this site, but the purpose of my blog is not to make “personal revenue gains.” Many websites have advertisements on them, especially websites with high traffic. If I find that an advertiser/affiliate is acting fraudulently, deceiving customers or anything else that is not desirable I have and will remove their ads, regardless of how much money I’ve made or could make from them.

3. The “Penny Auction Watch-Scam” Blog’s Header Image, the file so thoughtfully named “penny-auction-watch-is-a-fucking-scam:”

Now, allow me to explain the header image:

On the left hand side we see a NO PAW image, red text the words SCAM!. Then, there’s a dartboard, with a cartoon meant to be pictured as me, nailed to the dartboard with the words “Lies=Sin,” and “Penny Auction Watch” coming out of my legs. I’m also upside down with blood dripping out of me.

The words below the dartboard, “” To the right, in red text:




In white text, outlined with black: Penny Auctions are at risk. PAW is solely dedicated to helping destruct growing penny auction sites.

Amanda Lee, Owner f PAW. Top WatchDog to make sure no sites grow large enough to compete with her lovely Bid Cactus, and other PA’s who pay her ANNUAL Salary.

However, Amanda Lee, PA Dictator possesses no business license, doesn’t pay taxes and is hiding even though she is “innocent.” Stop this utter nonsense. SPEAK OUT AGAINST PAW.


First of all, I, Amanda Lee am the sole owner of Penny Auction Watch, “dictator?” From Dictator- “a person exercising absolute power,” since this is my website, you could say that yes, I exercise absolute power over my own website.

3b.) Unfair? Biased? Outright Scandalous?

  • “Unfair” to who? The penny auction sites that are misleading consumers, I think they made their bed.
  • “Biased?” Of course, I’m biased to the sites that appear to be legit/and OK and do not favor the sites that are ripping off consumers and need to be shut down and prosecuted. FTC, please stand up!
  • “Outright Scandalous?” Scandalous definition: “disgraceful; shameful or shocking.” What is disgraceful or shameful  about posting what I did about PennyAuctionInformation being registered with the same address of CheapOH’s Western US offices, with the same e-mail address of CheapOh’s VP/COO? Shocking? Yes. Scandalous? Absolutely not.

3c.) “Penny Auction Watch is the Biggest Scam on [the] Internet”

Now, this leads one to wonder just how small the Internet is to Mr. Dove.

3d.) “PAW is solely dedicated to helping destruct growing penny auction sites.”

PAW is solely dedicated to provide a place of information and conversation between Internet users who are interested in online penny auction sites. PAW is dedicated to help GROW the legit penny auction sites and shed light on the bad penny auction sites that are scandalously ripping off consumers with bots, shills, not shipping items, charging users when they didn’t know they’d be charged, using fake news sites with images of reporters who aren’t really reporting on their site, by using fake newscasts created by the penny auction site,  using images of celebrities in testimonials when they didn’t really win an item, and more.

3e.) “Amanda lee, Owner [o]f PAW.”

Yes, I, Amanda Lee, am the sole owner of PAW.

3f.) “Top WatchDog to make sure no sites grow large enough to compete with her lovely Bid Cactus, and other PA’s who pay her ANNUAL Salary.”

“Top WatchDog”  Is that a compliment? I didn’t know I was a “Top WatchDog.” I am NOT affiliated with or any other penny auction site. No penny auction site has ever paid me an “ANNUAL Salary.”

3g.) “However, Amanda Lee, PA Dictator possesses no business license, doesn’t pay taxes and is hiding even though she is “innocent.” Stop this utter nonsense. SPEAK OUT AGAINST PAW.”

In 3e.) I mentioned that Jordan called me the PAW Dictator, this time I’m the “PA=Penny Auction Dictator,” Are they trying to be funny? I do not need a business license to blog, I don’t live in Philadelphia. I do pay my taxes, I do have an assumed name and I do pay self-employment tax,  schedule C & SE. I do claim any income that I make from advertising revenues on my taxes. There’s no way that Jordan Dove would know whether or not I pay my taxes, unless Jordan Dove has my social security number.  

Nonsense -noun: “Words or language having little or no sense or meaning.” You, Jordan Dove, should stop your utter nonsense. Speak out against me? There’s nothing to speak out against.

Jordan Dove doesn’t even make allegations or post opinions in his new smear PAW blog, he states what he’s said has been PROVEN.

“False accusations are made repeatedly on PAW, targeting successful and growing Penny Auction companies/vendors. At PAW, you will find nothing but biased opinions that help Amanda Lee and Penny Auction Watch for a personal financial gain and to leave the others in the hole. Proven.”

From “About”:

“Penny Auction Watch owner and “watchdog.” Amanda Lee, the Dicator and self-proclaimed publicist of her own recreation of the fake-news tabloid ‘National Enquirer.

PAW is dedicated to ONE person Watchdog Amanda Lee , manipulating her own community userbase, using unethical marketing practices such as BlackHat SEO and SpyWare Popup trap advertising campaigns, to All help promote her oh so loving BidCactus, and multiple others not to be named because PAW-Scam will NOT affiliate, or promote ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH PAW.
Amanda Lee, Watchdog. Non-Trustworth Person

Penny Auction Watch owner and “watchdog.” Amanda Lee, the Dicator and self-proclaimed publicist of her own recreation of the fake-news tabloid ‘National Enquirer.
PAW is dedicated to ONE person Watchdog Amanda Lee , manipulating her own community userbase, using unethical marketing practices such as BlackHat SEO and SpyWare Popup trap advertising campaigns, to All help promote her oh so loving BidCactus, and multiple others not to be named because PAW-Scam will NOT affiliate, or promote ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH PAW.Amanda Lee, Watchdog. Non-Trustworth Person”

From “Why Penny Auction Watch is a Complete RipOff!”

“ Owner, and a multiple ‘Watch-Dog’ for several, high-trafficked Penny Auction sites, receives not PAYMENTS, but rather PAYOUTS to keep the success of growing penny auctions being able to compete on the bigger market. Amanda Lee will be brought to justice for her unlawful practices. Amanda Lee, a 22 year old Female from Minneapolis, MN. has nothing to show, except UNFILED TAXES and no Business License for the income she is receiving.

PAW would like to point out, and simply create a bogus lie about a steady, fast-growing  PA site. Amanda Lee also likes to focus her attention on the FAILURE of the Penny Auction Industry, and provide false information on legitimate corporations. Amanda Lee, admin [ at ] pennyauctionwatch [ dot ] com… you WILL be summoned.

For an unbiased glance on the TRUE SAVINGS SIDE of Penny Auctions please refer to one of the following TRUSTED Penny Auction Information Sites:

What is BlackHat SEO and SpyWare Popup trade advertising campaigns, Jordan?

I was also informed that DNP LLC /Jordan posted the following seemingly contradictory remarks (if the latter site is PAI), to the new PAW copycat site (the owner  of which sold me software for illegally!):

“CheapOh! Penny Auctions a project OWNED by, CEO Joseph Leporati from CheapOh! Network LLC, not Jordan Dove, who is not affiliated with Penny Auction Information, except for renting out Web Hosting through CheapOh! Network Solutions in Monroe, LA. Your opening statement, and article throughout is false.  – DNP Inc. (Dove Network Project LLC) has started a traffic generation site that sells advertisement space that provides fair and honest reviews on penny auctions. “

It gets better, this morning Jordan Dove e-mailed me. Look what he said:

The e-mail is from, Jordan was wondering if I could post an article on my front page about the release of 

Then, I received another e-mail asking if I’d like a “profit share” of bid packs bought on by “SocialPenny Biz and PR” socialpenny “Groupons (REGISTERED TM GROUPON.COM) for Penny Auction Bid Packages:”

Well folks, this isn’t the first time I’ve been falsely accused, defamed and maligned (I was once even called a male felon), had to look up what constitutes a felony, and it’s not pretty. Unfortunately, I bet this wont be the last time I’m smeared and falsely accused.

It’s interesting that when questions are raised about a particular penny auction site or script developer just how far they will go to discredit me. (Also see Bidstick now a PennyAuctionInvestigator?, Libelous Claims Regarding  Penny Auction Watch, Sonik Technologies Purveyor of Bot Penny Auction Script Starts Shill “Watchdog” Site

I wonder if Jordan is following the advice of Frederick Scott Oliver…

“Men who are engaged in public life must necessarily aim at reducing opposition to a minimum, and one of the most obvious means to that end is by misrepresenting, discrediting or ruining their opponents.”

Now tell me, who wins an item for 99% off on a penny auction site?

You should also be shipping your items within the time period that you specify (2 day free shipping).


Jordan Dove, you’ve got to be kidding, that’s all I’ve got to say, for now.

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11 comments… add one
  • YaRight December 18, 2010, 2:54 pm


    You say to Jordan, You have got to be kidding”

    Actually Amanda he is doing nothing more than you have already done. You have done plenty of smear campaigns against others for sometime.

    In fact you use the word Service Mark Infringement or him using your mark without your permission. Also you talk about your privacy policy, Sorry but

    Come on Amanda seriously are you going to use that. Have you looked at your site? You use Names, Marks, Logos, Screen Shots, Videos, etc of other sites all day long.

    I also have seen your privacy policy and it has been recently changed and either way ask your attorney if someone wants there information removed from a site and its personal info, you better remove it, cause this is in violation of the privacy act. Whether or not you think you own it, anymore nothing holds up when its personal. Consumers come first, even if its a persons business, you can post info on the business but not about the owners and there personal information. How would you like it if Jordan had your personal Home address or your mother or fathers personal address or info and started posting it everywhere?

    Who do you think you are? What makes it ok for you to break rules and laws and not have to answer to them? You hide behind your site without regard and you think that nothing will or can come back to you.

    Do not call the kettle black when you have acted in the same way. You say you have been accused and smeared, I think people are seeing through this, we all know Amanda that you have not been smeared, you just are being called out and getting back a little and I mean a little of what you dish out. Difference is no one knows if your real or Amanda Lee is Real, however your service mark is registered to Amanda Lee I guess we would hope that your not just a front.

    And your quote from Frederick Scott Oliver, this is interesting.

    Are you using that quote about your self? You sure have Misrepresented and discredited many in the Penny Auction Industry.

    • Amanda December 18, 2010, 5:14 pm

      His address was never put in my site’s database, therefore I did not divulge any personal information I got it from his contact page of his site, it’s listed as the Western US offices.

      • Amanda December 18, 2010, 5:21 pm

        Tell me, who have I discredited?

        • Amanda December 18, 2010, 5:27 pm

          You’re wrong.

  • lololollll December 18, 2010, 10:22 pm

    YaRight is RIGHT.


  • John Morris December 30, 2010, 9:35 am

    Thank you Amanda, for exposing these fraudulent sites. You’ve shown no hidden agenda nor do you stand to gain anything out of this. I’ve been ripped off by so far, but thats the only one. I’ve had decent success with though. There is no SKILL…involved in these sites. There is no ultimate answer to winning a product. It is ALL luck – and how much money you’ve spent on bids.

    Basically, these sites don’t make shopping more FUN like they claim they do. I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy bidding on something several times and then losing the auction with nothing to show for it.

    These are legalized gambling sites and nothing more. Maybe you could call them “Lottery Auctions”, but that would make them SEEM legit when a number of them are not.

    Much like the “sweepstakes” places cropping up next to gun shops and liquor stores all over the country, these sites are popping up everywhere as well…and programs and websites are being sold to any joe schmo out there that can afford to pick up the business and essientially start it in his or her own backyard.

    Don’t let these big business morons try and stomp out the good work you’ve been doing and continue to do. The world needs more decent individuals like yourself.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Amanda December 30, 2010, 10:57 am

      Thank you so much John, your comment is much appreciated. I agree, they NEED to be regulated! It’s very frustrating when we end up spending a ton and walk away with nothing… less risk on buy it now sites, but even still we need to be careful but someone needs to step in. In the meantime I will keep doing what I’m doing and I am glad there are people like you that appreciate that. 🙂

  • BRUIZER1 January 4, 2011, 6:40 pm

    Let me tell you about my experience with I won a Cincinnati Bengals shirt. Funny part is, when the clock went down to -0-it said “processing” for like 10 seconds. Then the auction said ended. I tried numerous times to pay for this auction, it never showed up in my “won auctions” tab, therefore no link to pay for the shirt. So I emailed good ole Jordon and explained my situation. He tells me that this shirt was a “personal” auction item, whatever that meant…….anyhow, he keeps telling me to pay with the link after I told him THERE IS NO LINK, CAUSE IT’S NOT SHOWING UP IN MY “WON TAB”. He said forget it, it was only 9 cents, and he would send to me. Of course, I never received the item. Funny part is, that shirt never showed as being won, it’s like it disappeared. Then it shows back up about 2 weeks later. Again, same thing. I bid on it, said auction ended, then the shirt just disappeared. The site is a fraud and a scam and good ole Jordon is not what he appears to be.


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