PointNBid.com Allegedly Found to Have Same IP As Banned Rude Forum Member

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A few months ago there were questions raised in our forum about the penny auction site PointNbid.com, shortly thereafter the member “pennyauctionwin” joined and not only posted in defense of the site, but became very rude to other PAW members which resulted in a ban. We later discovered that the IP address for pennyauctionwin was shared with PointNBid.com.

Take for instance these posts by user pennyauctionwin in response to the following comment raised in the Claims Put In Against PointnBid thread:

Same names over & over are jenna, jade, kenneth and rose, at least those are the ones I see consistent in the “closed auctions”. All my bids are gone, no prizes won, bad vibes, rotten karma, I’m gone……..”

Pennyauctionwin: “BOO-HOO! Gimme a break! This is how Penny Auction industry works. You can’t start crying just because you dint win anything! Next time may be save that $2 of your lunch money that you invested in the coupon! Also, if you don’t like Penny Auctions stick to retail! May be crying can get you some discount in a Walmart store!”

I don’t think there is any reason to post the insulting comments @pennyauctionwin. You don’t know what anyone’s situation is and to make the implications you did are definatly disrespectful as well as insulting. You could easily have made your point without descending to being nasty”
Pennyauctionwin: “I know what the situation is which applies to all sites – 1) invest money on bid packs 2) try out a site 3) dint win anything? 4) lets ask for a refund or lets go complaining on public forums. I made a very valid statement – if you don’t like Penny Auctions stick to retail! Also, I was not talking to you. Why are you interfering? I made that statement to someone else.”
Pennyauctionwin went on to post more insults before we banned this user.

Recently a forum member posted about an issue he just had with PointNBid.com in the forum, see http://www.pennyauctionwatch.com/forum/penny-auction-site-bidder-reviews-experiences-discussion/13746-pointnbid-com.html#post121804.

Have you bid on PointnBid.com, if so what have your experiences been?

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  • TexasBids February 11, 2011, 2:08 pm

    I bid on PointNBid after buying a large bidpack… LOST EVERY BID…
    Funny I agree that the same names seem to come in at the last minute and win. I’m not sure I’ll be buying anymore bidpacks from here and I definately will NOT be telling any of my BIDDING FRIENDS about this either. Two THUMBS DOWN…..


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