“Products Sell for the Price You Want” Penny Auction Script Sold

penny auction scam script

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Adding yet another penny auction site/developer/seller to our hall of shame.  Last month penny auction site LightBids.com was sold on Flippa.com for a mere $250. Features? Autobidding bots (= fake scam shill bidders – set up by dishonest, cheats of “entrepreneurs.”)

From the description:

“It’s very easy to maintain site like that because of a powerful script behind it.

The auto bidding system is already in the script. You can control auto bidders from Admin panel of the site. Just click and click, no line editing or anything.

You can for example put that there are 7 auto bidders and that they bid last 20 seconds just like the real bidders. Then you have an option that last (let’s say) 4 bids must be from your auto bidders. If that is true, the 5th bid will come from your auto bidder too and it will always be the winning bid. In other words, you can’t lose any auction. [In other words, this is THEFT – DO NOT DO IT!] And you can close and open new auto bidders any time you want and change their names. It’s a win – win situation!”

This site is based on a a powerful, scalable & fully-featured bidding script that lets you create the profitable online penny auction website, just like swoopo.com or madbid.com. Manage your entire online auction operation without HTML knowledge: create new auctions within seconds, set up an auto bidder so your products sell for the price you want, add new pages using the built-in CMS (”Content Management System”), and much more!”

Kresimir Babic
Resnicki put 48A
Zagreb, na 10040

Created on: 18-Jun-10
Expires on: 18-Jun-11
Last Updated on: 18-Jun-10

Administrative Contact:
Babic, Kresimir  
Resnicki put 48A
Zagreb, na 10040
26598756      Fax —

From the features list:

1. A completely automated system that was built with usability in mind. Features include the ability to duplicate multiple auctions, block bidders, peak-only bidding, engine to award free bids, and much more.
2. You decide when your auctions finish. Price too low? Use the auto-extend feature. Not enough bidders? Use the auto-bidding feature. Making a profit has never been so easy.”

Let us spell it out again. THEFT is T H E F T.

They do show images of “BidStation” templates so it’s quite possibly the same script that we told you about here.

It’s apparent that ericaa2a2 doesn’t have a problem with selling a product to blatantly rip people off. https://flippa.com/users/375145 We hope that the new owners do have a problem with it and keep the bots, OFF!

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