BidJx Sold Today Leaving Customers With Outstanding Items

bidjxBidJx’s homepage currently reads, “BidJx has been sold. The new owners expect to relaunch auctions later this month.” BidJx is a penny auction site that generated a few negative reviews on our forum, the site sold today on for $1,200.

BidJx’s Flippa description provides good advice for prospective penny auction site operators, however some of our members are wondering where their items are.

Do not treat this business as a get-rich-quick scheme: you must devote time to monitor marketing, products that are being auctioned, shipping and customer service. You should anticipate answering a minimum of 40 e-mails/day. The traffic and revenue growth however, speak for themselves.

We will certainly bring purchasers up to speed on how the business operates. We will also consider partnerships in the right circumstances.

You must offer auctions that will be sold at a loss. The profitable auctions more than make up for those.”

A Penny Auction Watch forum member on 1/16 stated ,“There are definitely at least two members who are not happy with this site.

I think this site has great potential, but would advise everyone, right now at least, to stay clear of this site.
They have WAY too many problems that need to be resolved, including but not limited to:
Crazy shipping rates, horrible reply times when you email them, horrible shipping times and responses to inquiries, no bid butlers, allowing people who are well over their 5 win limit to still bid, and the ever popular timer issues. And that is just to name a few.
I have won a fair share of items and received most, but it’s the lack of answers to MANY issues that makes me say STAY CLEAR!
At least for now until they fix it, which I think they actually will….someday”

1/31 another member posted,

“So far it looks like only Bidjx is trying to scam me. I just filed a Paypal dispute today Fot the $179.99 meat grinder which I ended up paying $73.00 for.”

Another, “ for around $90 .They have stopped responding after telling me my items will ship. I also heard that the site is up for sale. 3 items never shipped. I have started disputes via paypal and have won 2 out of 3 claims so far.”

“BidJX – We shall see. They have done one thing right so far – I requested (through Payapl dispute) a $25 refund on a $70 bidpack purchase, because they ran a deal to send me a $25 gifts card if I purchased $70 in bids. Amazingly, they agreed to the refund. Now we wait and see what they do about the 4 items that I am waiting on. They did finally mark 2 of the items as being paid, though I did pay for all 4 at the time I won them.”

“I went to the Bidjx website and it states it has been sold and that the new owners expect to relaunch auctions later this month. Has anybody heard from the old owners, or the new owners, regarding items which are still owed to us?”

Have you bid on BidJx? Please let us know what your experiences have been!

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