Have You Bid on StealThat.com? Are They Really BBB Accredited?

Update: StealThat told us that the accredited by BBB logo was placed on their site by a designer, they were not accredited by the BBB, they also said they have since fired the designer. Post your reviews & experiences with StealThat. stealthatHave you bid on penny auction site StealThat.com? StealThat appears to be a relatively new penny auction site, the domain was registered on January 23 of this year.

StealThat’s Alexa Ranking as of 5/16/11: (low)  771,984

Is StealThat BBB Accredited?

We have not been able to confirm whether or not StealThat.com is an actual BBB accredited business as the seal on the bottom of their site shows. As aside from the domain, no business name could be found on their website.  StealThat’s about information states, “Stealthat.com was created by a team of certified auctioneers and appraisers. The CEO of the Company was raised in the auction business and continues on this family tradition.”

StealThat.com Whois Information:

1058 Wolcott street
waterbury, Connecticut 06705
United States

Created on: 23-Jan-11
Expires on: 23-Jan-12
Last Updated on: 04-May-11

Administrative Contact:
Anderson, William  
1058 Wolcott street
waterbury, Connecticut 06705
United States
(203) 228-8313      Fax — ”


StealThat doesn’t appear to display a full listing of win history past 5/13.

Have you bid on StealThat.com? Is it a legit penny auction? Join our penny auction forum and tell us about your experiences with StealThat and all other penny auction sites!

Thank you!

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  • svetlana August 17, 2012, 8:58 am

    People be AWARE!!! Don’t throw your time and money. This site is a big scam. They use a fake bidders. People who bid and win bidpacks, never wins any auctions, never. I’ve been watching them for long time. If you do not bid on auction, it goes for pennies, but if you do bid, you loose all your bids and never win. They are real “Stealthat”.


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