CheapOh Network Allegedly STEALS Penny Auction Watch Content for Site

As if it wasn’t enough to blatantly defame and malign me personally and (oh, believe me it happens all the time, and usually from just a select few, very interesting individuals). All after we called out penny auction site a few months back time about their site that had gleamed reviews of only to find that they are the registrant of the site.

They even went as far as to put a phony PAW “seal of approval,” on their site. NOTE: We DO NOT “verify” or “approve” any penny auction site nor will we assure you that any site is not going to end up stealing your money and disappearing. Too many of them have, do and will.

After the alleged shill review site was exposed here they went on a rampant, blatant smear campaign against PAW and falsely stated that I personally do not pay my taxes. If that wasn’t enough, they even spouted that I engage in black hat spyware malware whatever techniques. Then, they falsely claim that I get paid salary from penny auction sites such as, I don’t and never have been. This is all on their site complete with this image as their header:

Ironically, after I posted about the review site and the whois info which contained the very same address that was on the contact page of, they threatened to sue me and cited child endangerment statutes. For the full rebuttal and information on’s juvenile attempts to discredit me for educating consumers see the following articles:

CheapOH! VP Embarks On a Misinformation Smear Campaign Against PAW After Article

What’s the Relationship Between and

But that’s not all.

Now, starting today, they’ve violated copyright law when they blatantly stole articles + even our giveaway & winners list and put them on their ad littered site, Get this, they copy + pasted the articles but changed some of the wording…

Take one of our posts for example:

“Another one bites the dust? Do we need to add designer goods/fashion penny auction site to the ever-growing list of penny auction sites that set up, take our money and then run? We hope not, but users have not heard back from TrendyPenny nor have they received items won at least dating back to March 31st.

What’s up TrendyPenny? Will you be back, will you make it right with consumers? We’re waiting for an answer.”

And theirs:

Another one bites a dust? Do we need to supplement engineer goods/fashion penny auction site to a ever-growing list of penny auction sites that set up, take a income and afterwards run? We wish not, though users have not listened behind from TrendyPenny nor have they perceived equipment won during slightest dating behind to Mar 31st.

What’s adult TrendyPenny? Will we be back, will we make it right with consumers? We’re watchful for an answer.

Looking to try behest on penny auctions for free? Enter the Penny Auction Watch MASSIVE Spring GIVEAWAY! Hurry, a entrance duration ends tomorrow!


They even have penny auction watch (our trademark in their meta tags).

Where did Go?

We’re not too sure what the status of their penny auction site is, if users have received all outstanding items or not, but their homepage currently displays the following message: “CheapOh! has no featured items at this time.” Seriously now?

Enough IS Enough.

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AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved by sabeth718

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  • Joseph May 12, 2011, 7:31 pm

    Amanda, You are an idiot. I do not work with PAI – simply letting Jordan use my server space while CheapOh is undergoing some maintenance, as I have for all of his other websites.

    Thank you.

    • Amanda May 13, 2011, 7:14 pm

      Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

  • Kathryn Tuccelli May 13, 2011, 11:37 am



    If you go to the “READ THIS FIRST” link at the top of, you will see that they state:

    “None of the content here is original. It is all pulled from PAW(, PAL(, B2L( & PB( via PUBLIC RSS FEEDS WHICH CAN BE FOUND…”

    YOU made your RSS feed available so people can take what they need from it – just as we, PAL and B2L did. No one “stole” anything from you.

    You are always the victim. Not EVERYONE is out to get you, and in fact, most of what you post about in regards to people “stealing from” or “slandering” you are simply PERCEIVED slights and insults. You don’t ever bother to fully read or investigate something before you rush to make it front page news. You just have to make sure that everyone knows that “Amanda Lee” is just and righteous, and that being a targeted victim just goes along with that.

    You are a disgrace to the industry, and quite frankly, you should move on to something you’re GOOD at, instead of constantly undermining the very things you say you’re trying to achieve.

    I don’t think you will let this comment be approved for the world to see, but I do hope you read it, take it to heart, and at the very least, correct the lies you’ve produced in this article.

    I don’t agree with what CheapOh! did to you with their PAW-Scam website (which, by the way, has not had that header you posted in quite some time), but I also don’t agree with fabricating lies about someone just because they’ve hurt you in the past.

    Grow up.

    • Amanda May 13, 2011, 7:13 pm

      Why thank you PennyBurners PR. Did you expect any more from a 5yr old in a 20 something yr old body?

      • Joseph May 13, 2011, 8:56 pm

        Amanda – no need to start “crap” on your own comments. PBPR made good points actually, and I enjoyed reading her post much more than I enjoyed reading yours – though I did laugh a bit more reading yours.

        Two years ago I got into this market – two years ago your site was THE site to come to for LEGIT information and great forums. I haven’t been active here for about 1 and a half years now – simply because of all the biased bullshit you post here.

        CheapOh! Network is undergoing maintenance – we took our SQL userbase out for the time being so our servers would be less stressed from people browsing multiple pages inside their accounts. We have put them back up so users can browse around and check bids now. We are not selling our site on Flippa – I would find a better way to sell it honestly. This is the second time someone has posted our website up for sale their – I have contacted Flippa regarding this issue.

        I am the CEO/Owner/Founder of The CheapOh! Network, LLC (MY) Registered in the state of Louisiana. You can go look it up if you must. Jordan Dove is CEO/Owner/Founder of Dove Network Project, LLC(HIS) Registered in the state of Nevada. Yes, we have many sites hosted on (MY) servers. CheapOh Network, LLC is in NO way affiliated with (HIS) company – besides server space. Shared hosting? I think so. I am in NO way affiliated with his websites. I do not help, work on or keep up with his actions or his websites.

        Amanda, go back to how you use to be. Since your so driven on making money (from the few sites you DO promote) just put up good content, get more organic and search traffic and throw up a little more advertisements on the forums. Give the industry the site we use to have back.

        You know what… Just shut it down – and shut the hell up.

        Thank you.

  • Kathryn Tuccelli May 13, 2011, 8:14 pm

    Amanda, I actually posted my comment, with some additional commentary, on the PennyBurners Forum, but removed it about 10 minutes ago at the request of a very wise user.

    I apologize for offending and insulting you. While I meant everything I said, I certainly could have said it in a different way and communicated my frustration to you just as effectively. My comment to you and the subsequent post on my Forum don’t and won’t solve anything, and this back-and-forth drama will never end unless one of us ends it. So, I’m starting now.

    Good luck with PennyAuctionWatch and with your future endeavors.

    • Amanda May 14, 2011, 11:34 am


    • AuctionWatcher June 6, 2011, 9:06 pm

      Actions speak louder than words.


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