’s Response to Shill Promotional Review

Update: We just heard back from FastPennyCars, they told us they’ve experienced server issues, but will be back up at 9 pm EST tonight. 

A little over a week ago we posted about, and how an IP address  of an enthusiastic member posing to be a prospective bidder/reviewer in our forum, was shared with the VP of the new auto specific penny auction site.

As a result of the post, Sandy Daenzer sent in the following response regarding the situation: 

“Per your post, I appreciate your interest in and hope to work with you to restore trust in our company, as we have taken pride in launching a penny auction site that is reputable and transparent.

For the record, the postings made by the alias ‘Suburban Green’ were from Sabrina Davidson, an enthusiastic member of While we don’t condone this behavior, it is important to note that Suburban Green was not acting in an official capacity for These comments were reactions to inaccurate postings being made by others about takes full responsibility for not disclosing Suburban Green’s affiliation with the company.

As you know our first auction sold a 2011 Chevy Camaro SS for $5.28. From a business perspective, this was significantly lower than what we expected the car to auction for. That said, the car was delivered on Monday and we have since auctioned several gas cards and automotive related gift cards and will continue with other automotive-related offers.

Our next car auction is on July 16 featuring a 2012 Ford Mustang GT. Since launching the company, we have made it a priority to earn the trust of customer participating in our auctions. Our Bidder Assurance program is designed to offset any lost investment in car auctions, providing a credit that can be used at our dealership partners toward a new vehicle purchase.

Once again I apologize for this situation and welcome the opportunity to speak with you and further discuss any questions you may have.

Thank you”

One of our longtime forum members, ProtoProtoss, told us he won gift cards from the penny auction site for cars. He told us he received all $800 worth in gift cards and won another valued at $200.

However, three days away from the countdown to their next item, a brand new 2012 Ford Mustang GT and the site is down. 

penny auction for cars

We’ve e-mailed to see what’s up.

Have you bid on FastPennyCars? Please let us know what your experience has been on this new penny auction site. 

Check out  & join our penny auction forum – it’s free!

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