Penny Auction is Back – Discount Bids Promo Code

penny auction site dibzees.comPenny auction is back with a fresh new design and new features have been added to their penny auctions.

What’s new at DibZees?

Buy it Now: 

Dibzees has added the much anticipated and highly liked buy-it-now feature which allows bidders to bid until the retail price of the item and walk away with the item even if they don’t actually win in the auction. Voucher bids (the bids that you receive from winning bid pack auctions) can also be applied towards buy-it-now on all of their items.

Win Meter

Dibzees has added a win meter to their site, when the meter is 100% full bidders will receive free bids, right now 25 free bids will be awarded to bidders.

Beginner Auctions & Free to Bid Auctions

For users who have yet to win an item on Dibzees, they’ve now added beginner auctions. They’ve also added free to bid penny auctions, all you’ll have to pay is the end price if you win.

Dibzees also tells us that they have a lot of fun new features that they’ll be adding soon.

Social sharing for free bids:

For every won itemyou share on Facebook + Twitter you’ll receive 5 free bids.

New Items: 

Soon Dibzees will offer approximately 160 items per day with auctions running from 10 am to 10 pm EST.

Not familiar with Dibzee’s penny auctions? Dibzees, LLC is based in Iowa and launched over 2 years ago and offers a number of gift cards ranging from gift cards to popular retailers and restaurants and consumer electronic and household items.

Many Penny Auction Watch members have won and received items from Dibzees. Have you? Discuss Dibzees in our penny auction forum.  

Dibzees is offering a special coupon to our readers if you want to bid on Dibzees.

$25 will get you 56 bids, or $55 125 bids as opposed to the standard $0.60 per bid cost. Enter PROMO code PAW at checkout. 



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  • wanda jeffers March 14, 2012, 12:45 pm

    yall took $79.00 out of my checking for no reason i didnt win anything and i didnt tell uall u could just have my $79.00 dollar for just anything ive try contacting uall through email but uall want do any thing so i going to call the faund number thats here on the web site: about uall


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