Attention Drummers: is a Penny Auction for Percussion is launching their drum product niche penny auction site soon. They’re the 2nd penny auction site that we’ve seen so far to solely provide music-centric penny auction items, the first being

penny auction

DrumBids was created by an avid drummer who wanted to provide aspiring drummers with a place to win drums and other percussion items at a low cost.

As of yet, DrumBids is still waiting for more members to join their site before they actually set end times to their items, which so far include: Zildjian cymbals, a Gibraltar boom stand, Vic slim pad and Vater drumsticks.

From on legitimacy in the penny auction industry:

We have seen and heard stories of many non-legitimate penny-auction sites. Our mission is to keep reputation at high standards. We will ALWAYS ship your item, even when may be losing profit on it. To show that is not a scam, we have installed a TESTIMONIALS section for winners of these items to earn a rebate by posting a video showing their product being received in the mail. Some people may also believe these Penny Auction websites are using fake users to bid up the items! will NEVER use fake users to bid on our items!”

We’re glad to hear this and will hold them to it!


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