QuiBids CEO Matt Beckham Interviewed by Oklahoma’s Business Roundtable

The CEO of QuiBids, Matt Beckham was recently interviewed by The State Chamber of Oklahoma’s Business Roundtable.

QuiBids is the largest penny auction site right now and has been for some time now.

In the interview Matt talks about how he first started out in affiliate marketing, and then in 2009 went on to launch QuiBids.

He tells how QuiBids works and a bit about the company. QuiBids’ core demographic may not really shock you, but it’s the 45-65 year old male/female that bid on QuiBids. I’d say this is true for the majority of penny auction users.

Matt tells about obstacles QuiBids has faced, and admits that they haven’t faced many barriers but states that it does take more capital to get into the space now, says they got into the space at the right time. He was able to put up the seed money himself to start Quibids without needing venture capital. They launched as 6 employees and grew to 136. We’ve embedded the interview above in case you want to learn more about QuiBids and see Matt.

Have you bid on QuiBids? Tell us about your experiences! Discuss QuiBids in our forum.

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  • zeke rivers June 20, 2014, 12:56 pm

    Two weeks ago I signed up for quibids. Within seconds I tried to cancel. I was told my $60. Would be refunded.but it never was. I guess I have been taken for the $60. My number is 901-515-1583 if you want to be honest


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