Interview with New “Fun” Penny Auction Site

After much testing and development penny auction site is now live. Penny auction items include electronics, popular fashion accessories and handbags including Coach and Fendi, BluRays, computers and digital cameras. We recently interviewed this Las Vegas based penny auction site to find out more for you. funtual

PennyAuctionWatch: What got you interested in the penny auction industry and launching Funtual?

Funtual: We are an innovative technology team with diverse experiences. For the most part we have been engaged in providing services and products to the general public. Over the last few years we noticed how the economy shifted from a product based to an experience based economy. So with the times, we have also shifted our focus to consumer experiences. We have created a brand with a mission to make the consumers’ daily life experiences fun. Shopping is a big part of our lives and it was only natural for us to examine how we could turn this experience into a fun and enjoyable one. We found partners with strong ties in manufacturing. This enables us to offer both value and fun to our consumers. The key factor in technology is to tap into the collective power of consumers to offer a win-win situation. This brought us to the concept of penny auctions. Of course we did not invent this. However, we certainly have expanded the concept with new ideas.

Penny Auction Watch: What sets apart from other penny auction sites?

Funtual: We have taken time and spent resources to study and understand the penny auction market and its fan base. We then merged this understanding with our innovative ideas and technology expertise. The result is which offers:

  • Lower Risk – One of the key consumer complaints in penny auction market is the high level of risk. Funtual on the other hand credits back the used FunNotes to customers so they could buy the same product below market price. This makes the whole experience stress free and fun.
  • Improved Experience – As a fun and innovative company, we don’t want to deliver just the same old experience that has been around. There are plenty of auction types to choose from so the diversity of how you can spend your time competing is great. In the near future, we will have plenty of online events and tournaments that will add new levels to everyone’s experience.
  • Lower Prices and Wide Product Choices – We are in a unique position to deliver special products at great prices far below market price. These products are arriving. Just watch us.
  • More Options – Our customers could exchange unwanted won products for FunNotes. So, they never end up with something they do not want.
  • Faster Fulfillment – When a customer orders something, they expect to have it as quickly as humanly possible and that doesn’t mean 3 to 4 weeks. We hear that. We ship our products within 2 business days and aim to deliver it within a week or two at the very latest. Our goal is to get the item to our winners quickly and efficiently.
  • Better Customer Service-We strive to deliver excellent customer service at all times. That is how we keep our customers happy and many of them would testify to this.

But that is not all we have surprises coming! Just keep on watching us!

PennyAuctionWatch: Tell us about the bidding process on your site. Do you have any reserves? What are your bid costs?

Funtual: Purchasing a Bundle Pack gives you FunNotes that you can use on our auctions. These Bundle Packs also come with FREE BonusNotes that you can use in BonusNote Auctions. The price for each FunNote costs anywhere from $0.70 to $0.85 cents, it really just depends on what type of Bundle Pack you purchase. The more you buy, the more you save.

PennyAuctionWatch: What is your policy for bid refunds on unused bids?

Funtual: Our FunNotes expire 1 year after purchase and our BonusNotes expire 30 days after you receive them. We only offer refunds on a FunNote Bundle if you have never used it and you have to request the refund within 24 hours of purchasing the bundle pack.

PennyAuctionWatch: How many seconds does the timer increase with each bid?

Funtual: After the 30 second mark hits, the timer goes up by 10 seconds with each bid, however, the timer itself will never go above that 30 seconds.

PennyAuctionWatch: What type of items do you sell?

Funtual: At Funtual we take the lead from our customers. We listen to their feedback and comments and watch their online activities. We also look at the external consumer research. But we also would like to offer new opportunities, surprise our customers and even spoil them from time to time. So we are constantly looking for new ideas, bargain prices, unique products to offer fabulous experiences.

Currently, we have 12 categories of products, including: Blu-Ray Movies & Shows, BonusNote Bundles, Cameras, Computers, Electronics, Fashion Accessories, FunNote Bundles, Gift Cards, Life Style, Televisions, and Video Games.

We change the actual products on daily basis based on their feedback and available opportunities.

But keep watching, we have great surprises in store for those who choose

PennyAuctionWatch: Is there a story behind the Funtual name?

Funtual: Funtual carries our brand’s mission: fun loving, playful and positive. There are many fun stories about Funtual that will soon be revealed. For now, though, everyone will just have to wait and see!


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