CoinSniper – A True “Penny” Auction Penny Auction Site for Collectible CoinsBack in April a rare 1792 “Silver center” penny took in $1.15 million at auction.

When we talk about penny auctions we aren’t referring to auctions for pennies, well, we weren’t… until now:

Coin collector enthusiast? Enjoy bidding for free on penny auctions? (25 free bids on signup) Meet

California based launched on July 4th, and is a penny auction site offering pennies, think wheat, Lincoln, Indian heads that are 100+ years old, quarters, dimes, $0.50 pieces and any coin that is well, collectible and unique and other numismatic (Numismatic, adj. “of, pertaining to, or consisting of coins, medals, papermoney, etc.”) items and resources.

Chief Numistist and founder of CoinSniper,Rusty Scropper, says he’s been collecting coins for a long time, “My first love is Early American Copper. But I love coins of all kinds. Another codger trying to turn a hobby into a little business.”

So think of CoinSniper as your go-to penny auction site whether you’re a budding collector or if coin collecting has been your hobby from some time now, you may just save a few pennies if you try them out. They even have a Numismatic Learning Center that provides information on grading and valuing coins.

CoinSniper Promotion:

This penny auction site is currently offering 25 free bids to all new users from now until July 31st, 2012.

Bid Cost: $1

Shipping: Free


  • Weekly featured coin auctions
  • Want list submissions
  • Promotions

Recent Deals:

“Congratulations second-time CoinSniper winner freecoins for the purchase of a 1961 Proof Franklin Half for $0.12 and three bids. Well done!”about 2 hours ago

We want to hear your penny auction experiences! Post your review of in our comments section below and discuss the site in our Penny Auction Forum!

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