Can You Take Advantage of the Downturn of the Penny Auction Trend?

“What goes up must come down”

Take a look at Google’s Trends chart for penny auctions:


Interest in penny auctions is down now, almost as low as it was at the inception of penny auctions. Does this mean there is less competition?

Maybe, maybe not.

There are still the common “bid bullies” that combine both their intimidating bidder names with ruthless bidding strategy. You mustn’t forget those guys, but it’s apparent that the trend has dwindled, popularity is down and well, maybe you can win more now.

Do you think penny auctions will make a comeback and regain popularity?

What do you think? Discuss the penny auction trend with us in our forum – click here. 

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  • Cheapo Bids October 7, 2012, 9:20 pm

    I think if you provide quality services, people will come regardless. Thanks for sharing this, it does mean more opportunity for folks bidding.

  • Madbidder October 26, 2012, 5:20 pm

    That’s an intriguing graphic. It’s funny because it doesn’t exactly chime with my own experience in the UK. MadBid, to me at least, seems busier than ever. In recent weeks record prices have been reached, including over £200 for an iPad 3. Also, in the last year a couple of new sites have sprung up: Sneekit and BidVid. From that graph, though, the general downward trend is undeniable. Hnnn.


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