Penny Auction HappyBidDay Adds a More Sustainable Bidding Option

happybidday.comDo you bid at has just introduced a twist on our all time favorite penny auction feature: buy-it now.

Buy-it now on most penny auction sites allows penny auction bidders to apply bids spent towards purchasing an item outright at the stated list price.

HappyBidDay Adds “Buy It” Penny Auctions Penny Auction Buy it Now example

HappyBidDay’s new buy-it now can be used on their  “Buy It Auctions.” Similar to Beezid’s buy-it now, HappyBidDay’s allows bidders to bid on items and try to win, but if a bidder is not the winning bidder they have the option to purchase the item at the listed price and then receive bids back, so unlike some buy-it now options that you may be used to, you can’t bid say $20 on a $100 item and then purchase it for $80 you would have to pay $100 and then you’d get your bids back.

“If you bid and don’t win a Buy It auction, you still have another opportunity to make it yours.  When the auction’s over, non-winners have 24 hours to purchase the item for the listed retail value and get their bids back.  (Limitations apply, see Buy It Page for more details.)”

What do you think of this feature?

While most bidders prefer the buy it now that allows you to apply bids placed towards purchasing an item, this is much better than spending money on an item and walking away from a penny auction empty handed and out of bids.

Have you bid on Is HappyBidDay legit? While we cannot say whether or not it is for sure, we have met with the founder of HappyBidDay, Lisa DeMaria and PAW members have received items from this penny auction site. If you’ve tried bidding on this penny auction site we want to hear about your experiences. Post your reviews in the comments section and join us in the Penny Auction Watch forum to learn more about penny auctions and discuss HappyBidDay with us!



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