HappyBidDay Expands Penny Auctions to Canada

happybidday penny auctionsHappyBidDay.com, US based penny auction that’s been around for about 3 years now has just announced that they have opened their doors to Canadian bidders for all of their free and paid penny auctions.


HappyBidDay offers a wide range of items that other sites don’t: current items include an aquarium kit and facial sauna system. They also offer a number of gift cards (including my favorite: gas gift cards!).

Lisa Dee, (who we happened to meet a few years ago at the Affiliate Summit in NYC – view pictures here!) would like to welcome Canadian bidders.
“We are truly excited to open up to a new user base in Canada and look forward to welcoming this new wave of HappyBidDay bidders.”

Have you bid at HappyBidDay? A great feature is that they allow you to buy an item and get all bids that you placed in the auction back. Now that’s a pretty win-win opportunity considering you won’t win every item you bid on!

Let us know about your experiences bidding on their penny auctions and discuss all penny auction topics, or just say hello in our free Penny Auction forum! 🙂 Join now, it’s easy!


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  • Donald Phillips July 25, 2013, 8:43 am

    Donald Phillips here with HappyBidDay. I appreciate the article. Glad to see people getting excited about our new venture into Canada. I noticed that the link at the beginning of the article sends people an empty domain. Is there any chance you could swap it out for a direct link to happybidday.com so people can come check it out?


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