QuiBids Offers Free Bids in QuiBids Store

quibids-free-bidsOklahoma based QuiBids is still going strong with an Alexa ranking of 13,574 global and 4,030 in the U.S.,  their traffic is still pretty high, especially since now it’s been a few years since they’ve been in business and they advertise on TV. quibids-shop

Do you want to just buy the same items that QuiBids offers on auction?

QuiBids now has a store on their site where you can purchase the same items they offer in their auctions, and get a few bids with each purchase. So if there is something you really want and you don’t want to bid on it, you can just buy it in their store.

Take a look at some of the products that this popular bidding site is offering for sale:

Right now, as of May 22, QuiBids has 3,356 electronics items, 13,869 home & garden items, 10,658 jewelry & fashion items, 1,451 sports & recreation items, 1,175 specialty shop items and 114 gift cards. My favorite items in their shop would have to be the gift cards.

They offer gift cards to Shell and ExxonMobil gas stations + 2 free bids for the $25 cards, 4-5 free bids for $50 cards and 1 free bid for $10, Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops, Walmart, Outback Steakhouse, CVS, Red Robin, Cabela’s and more.

If you buy a higher priced item, such as this Canon Rebel T5i for $899.99 + free shipping you will receive 90 free voucher bids.

Especially if you drive, gas gift cards are the way to go and a good way to rack up bids to win items. They do charge a transaction fee of $1.99 per gift card though, so the bids really would be included in the price.

All store items also have buyer reviews of each item.

The free bids that you would receive are ‘voucher bids,’ voucher bids are bids that are either won in voucher bid items or can be gained by referring friends, claiming badges and other promotions. Voucher bids cannot be used towards buy it now like real bids that cost $0.60 each.

Would you shop in the QuiBids store in addition to bidding?

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