Hungry Hammer- “The Porsche of Penny Auctions Spends Over ₤150,000 Plants Trees” ?

The “MOST AWESOME AUCTION WEBSITE IN THE WORLD! “ does have a nice design, but did it really cost them ₤150,000!?


Hungry Hammer is the “first site to integrate 1-Click Topups, Auto Topups, Dynamic Bidding, Instant Bidding Feedback, covert HammerHelpers (bid butlers to some), HammerRadio, HammerMerchandise and of course the best graphical and user-friendly interface including the new “MunchBox”.”

What’s different about from other similar sites?

“We’ve been around as a company for quite a long time now and it was about time that we created the best penny auction site out there. Our competitors consistently shock us at how their websites are SO 1980s and how they don’t care about their users!

That’s why we decided to create and built the site from scratch and invested almost $150,000 in just the website and administration system alone!

Most of the other sites buy what’s called a clone for around $500 and just stick their logo on it is that somebody you can trust?

Our main feature is our LIVE bidding system which doesn’t work in the same way as the other sites, we won’t bore you with technical jargon but it’s basically the difference between other sites being cheap cars and ours being a Cadillac or Porsche.”

Customer Reviews we are here to be open, transparent, honest and fair

We thought we thought we’d include reviews from our clients on here. These are all real and will be updated as they come in…

Yes, we have our competitiors and we’re all doing roughly the same thing however we want to be different in our approach to customer service and infinitely times better. Call us, email us, talk to us any time of the day and we’ll respond “ we want you to be happy so if there’s ANYTHING wrong, just let us know and we’ll sort it out as quickly as we can for you.

Similarly, if we’re doing something right we’d d love to hear it!

If you want to talk to us, give us a call, email us, submit a contact form OR even use our live chat.


the items I have won arrived in such a short time

Hi I’m Cameron TK, Owner of Pistoncruisers and i have been using your site for quite a little while now i just want to say a great thanks to you guys for such great customer service when i needed it and prompt answers to all and any questions, the items which i have won have arrived in such a short time and they’re exactly as described. Thanks to all the team at hungry hammer.

Username: TK

I cannot recommend this site enough.

Dear HungryHammer, I cannot recommended this site enough, from the excellent customer service to the choice of auctions at bargain prices, I have tried other auction sites but none compare favorably to Hungryhammer.  I intend to be a regular visitor.
Please don’t change!!

Username: mcfizz84

it’s really not that scary!

I’m more than happy to say I’ve finally found a company who pride themselves on customer care! Having delt with them over the phone and over internet, they are not only extremely helpful but sound like a great bunch of people!

The site itself is also very impressive. After having looked at other 1p Auction Sites I was very weary at the concept, but after watching and playing on the site it’s really not that scary! Best of luck to you all!

Username: despesh

Outstanding! thank you!

I would just like to email you regarding the service I recieved from a colleague called Ruby. She was Outstanding! Thank You!

Username: Manya

(runs) smoother and better than their main competitors!!

Thanks to everyone at hungry hammer! I joined the site within the first few days of launch and have won many items at massive discount rates!! 🙂 🙂 I have seen a few problems with the beta site.. Alex, Ruby and Nick have all done everything right – fixing all the problems very fast and compensating members for any inconvenience!

After all it’s the Hungry Hammer’s team that works the site which is now out of Beta and running smoother and better than their main competitors!!

So come on everyone ˜Grab yourself a Bargain” from this trusted site!

Username: anotherterror

Result! …

“I would like to say a big thank you to you guys at Hungry Hammer. I was very impressed with the ‘live online support’. You answered my query instantly! Result! I will be a regular at!!”

Username: Willder

What a change to find a company that respects its customers

What a change to find a company that respects its customers. I had an issue with 2 auctions I thought I had won, only due to a technical problem was wrong. Alex sorted my issues out extremely quickly and was very very helpful. May I wish all of you the very best in your new venture, and if you keep up the level of customer support as you have shown me, i’m sure you will be very successful.
I hope to recieve my chocolates and champagne i did win shortly so i can raise my glass to a most refreshing new company.

Username: jph15178

Hungryhammer is now my favourite site

“I use other auction sites and initially came to Hungryhammer just to see what was going on. Hungryhammer is now my favourite site as it is full of bargains and has the most helpful and friendly staff of any auction site I have ever been on. The staff have demonstrated a level of support that other, more established sites, would do well to learn from. Anyone looking to enjoy auctions and grab themselves a bargain has found the right site in Hungryhammer. Happy bargain hunting!”

Username: jojo2254

The support team are fantastic and very helpful

“I would just like to say how much I love this new site, I am now totally hooked on it. At work we are not allowed on the internet and I now clock watch for 5pm to get home and see if I have won any auctions. The support team are fantastic and very helpful, I certainly have found that if I have had any queries they have responded very promptly. Keep up the good work and I cant wait to see more items that you have for auction.

Username: Fionaw

My experience with has been a great one

“I enjoy bidding on their website because I am given a fair chance of possibly winning an item. This kind of a website is hard to find as I have looked and lost a lot of money at many other online auctions. They also have a good customer service who reply to your queries quickly.This is the same for their delivery as I received the item I won the following day.

Username: Winnaman

According to the rave REAL reviews Hungry Hammer answers queries quickly, haves good customer service  and runs smoother than their main competitors.

Of course your testimonials are supposed to be real.  Why would you point that out? Maybe for the same reason that they told us how much their site cost on their FAQ page (?).

Hungry Hammer is also passionate about social responsibility, reducing carbon footprints and global charity. They plant trees.

Hungry Hammer fans (there are over 10,000 of them) can even purchase merchandise with the Hungry Hammer logo:


Hungry Hammer sounds good, but is it really?

Since there are 10,000+ users of Hungry Hammer we should be hearing from a few of them soon. Estimated Worth $4774.2

Title Auction Fans: Grab Yourself a Bargain » cheap iPods, cheap iPhones, Tom Tom and Navman Sat Navs, iPod Touch, Shuffles, Games, Wii, Docks, DVDs »
Description Auctioneers, don’t pay full prices for your favourite stuff: we recently sold a Sony PSP for 50p, an Apple iPod Shuffle went for 44p, and a Tom Tom Sat Nav unit sold for 66p so is your new favourite site for cheap goods and a lot of fun.
Daily Pageview 2179

For having 10,000+ members they sure don’t have many pageviews.

What do you think? Share your opinions and discuss your experiences with Hungry Hammer in our forum.

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