Queensland Mansion on Lowest Unique Bid Auction JustLower

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A few months back we told you about eBay style penny auctions, Just Lower was one of them that we mentioned.

iBidCondo’s condo auctions brought to mind JustLower.com’s upcoming auction (once enough bids are purchased)  for the Sanctuary Cove mansion in Queensland, Australia:

justlower.com-penny-auction-real-estate-mansionSo far 31 bids have been purchased for the furnished  mansion on JustLower bids cost $10/each and $749,969 are needed to total $7,499,690 for the auction to begin. The winner is based on the lowest unique bid.

Read more & discuss JustLower in the forum.

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  • Ryan September 5, 2009, 3:54 am

    I would not put $10 on a website that needed 760,000 more visitors to start. This is as close to legal stealing unless you can unregister. So far they have 31 registrations, so $310. If they get 31 registered every day, they’d get $310 a day (or $113,000 a year) for 67 years before the auction even started.

  • Robert September 6, 2009, 7:08 pm

    This mansion has only been up for a week now.

    We hope that future bidders will understand that the only way this and all our auctions will close only depends on how fast they place their bids so we can reach the 0 mark quickly we hope.

    The seller was made well aware of the huge amont of bids involved and had the choice to increase the ADMIN FEE price to bring down the REQUIRED BIDS amount but chose to stay with the $10.00au admin fee to make it more attractive to a wider range of bidders.

    We truely hope this does go off as it’s not everyday you get a chance at something so spectaular at just 10 bucks.

    This all sounds to good to be true but I asure that that when this goes off the winner will be an extremely excited bidder, that’s for sure.

    Bidding on our website is like playing a guessing game and not a bid war like time base pennyauction sites so like all guessing games when you bid doesn’t affect the bidding/challange as the result is only found at the end when the auction closes.

    So make this auction the one to bid on and tell all your friends about it please as we really do want to see this go to the LOWEST UNIQUE BID OFFER.

    Cheers and Good Luck to all

  • Robert September 6, 2009, 7:15 pm

    Just saw your post Rayn;

    Would you please stop making false accusations about what you have obvisously know nothing about. I am asking you nicely.

    We have ove 3000 members on our website and this mansion has only been up for a week now. It is your right not to want to place a bit but to ga around making completely false accusation is called Defemation and is against the law. You have bben told that your comments where false before making this post.

    Please try to understand what you are talking about before making anymore false public accusations.

    Again you are being asked nicely.


  • melissa September 6, 2009, 7:32 pm

    the auction site you mentioned has just opened with the mansion being listed for just one week so far (dont frett) the promoters have yet to launch the massive media advertising campaign into full swing (there are 500,000 + people on the gold coast alone where the mansion will soon be open for inspection…the required bids are less than 750k (most members place multiple bids or one a week instead of playing their usual lotto ) so it will take around the same time as your average art union prize home to complete (if for some reason the auction doesnt complete in the required timeframe ALL bidding fees are refunded to the members who placed bids – no legal stealing as you described!!!) now lotto wont refund your $12 quickpick fee if there is no winner this week will they !!!! The system is new & exciting (with a thrill that lasts longer than lotto) remember ryan you can currently bid on a realestate property that will provide a one in 60k chance of winning you dont need all 7 numbers to be correct – the young guy who won the gold coast unit chose $68.72 or thereabouts as his lowest one of a kind bid …but I guess he was a little more optimistic than you……


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